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  1. BirkenheadBlue

    Whatever Happens on Sunday...

    I’ll still wake up on Monday thankful to god and my grandad for making sure I’m an Evertonian and not one of that lot. Defy anyone to read that and not glow with pride.
  2. BirkenheadBlue

    So logically this can’t be true, but...

    Genuinely starting to think I’m cursed. I’ve had a season ticket for 5 seasons in my life: 03-04 05-06 14-15 15-16 17-18 The evidence doesn’t look great...
  3. BirkenheadBlue

    Lower Gwladys MM76

    Anyone got seats near this one? Just wondering what the view's like, any issues etc. Thanks
  4. BirkenheadBlue


    LOL at Jelavic grabbing that lad in the crowd's hat during his celebration.
  5. BirkenheadBlue


    Please god let this be true... Huntelaar lijkt op weg naar Everton - Het laatste Voetbalnieuws op [Voetbal] Couldn't happen....... Could it? :unsure: