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  1. AdamEFC

    Next Manager (Poll)

    Get Joey Barton in.
  2. AdamEFC

    2019/20 Seamus Coleman

    At least he can’t play next game. Be good to see Sidibe get a game.
  3. AdamEFC

    2019/20 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    It probably does to be fair
  4. AdamEFC

    2019/20 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Interesting that
  5. AdamEFC

    January Transfer Thread 2020

    They’re crap mate
  6. AdamEFC

    January Transfer Thread 2020

    The first 5 yes but they aren’t anything special. Sergio Ramos though Hahahaha surely you can’t be serious
  7. AdamEFC

    January Transfer Thread 2020

    Hahahahaha ok mate
  8. AdamEFC

    January Transfer Thread 2020

    Hahahahaha Sergio Ramos
  9. AdamEFC

    Guardiola on Arteta

  10. AdamEFC

    2019/20 Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    When is he expected to be back from injury?
  11. AdamEFC

    Silva must go

    It’s hard to though, when a large amount of our fan base are like that.
  12. AdamEFC

    Homepage Article Coleman Calls For Bravery

    Or just general footballing skills
  13. AdamEFC

    Silva must go

    Yes because of the way we set up.
  14. AdamEFC

    Silva must go

    This is is part of our problem. People are more worried about Liverpool than actually supporting Everton. Take today for example, loads of people made up that City were winning. Who’s arsed, you’re at the Everton game. I’m sure some people actually just hate Liverpool more than they support...
  15. AdamEFC

    Next manager poll

    Alan Curbishley
  16. AdamEFC

    Half Time "entertainment" at Goodison.

    The volley challenge they do at half time now is terrible, most of the people they pick for it look like they’ve never seen a football in their life.
  17. AdamEFC

    Weird and wonderful places youve tuned into an Everton match.

    In an arena in a Stockholm in May. Was waiting for the Swedish House Mafia to start and the support act was a bit crap so watched us beat Burnley there.
  18. AdamEFC

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Joel injured him as well didn’t he?
  19. AdamEFC

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Can you really blame them? We stupidly gave them the contracts, they have every right to see them out.
  20. AdamEFC

    Travel to SWFC

    This game will be during freshers, who even goes to uni then anyway!