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    Shocking Fact

    Haven't won a promotion or play off though, have they? Losers.
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    Sam Allardyce

    Our average home attendence this season was 38,797, that's down 500 from last year but better than anything we got under Martinez, Moyes or Smith. Well done to Sam and Ron, between the two of them they put on a show that saw the fans who'd stayed away under bobby and davie coming back into the...
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    Jesus Wept

    We scored 5 goals in Martinez' last 9 league games and let in 16. In our last 9 this season, we've scored 8 and let in 17. We weren't losing games 5-4 back then. Don't get me wrong we did have good attacking performances under Bobby, even in his last season, but that had dried up by the end...
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    Jesus Wept

    You've forgotten just how bad it was at the end. We were utterly toothless in his last 10 or 12 games.
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    Match Thread Arsenal 5-1 Everton

    Well this is going swimmingly.
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    Worst Premier League ever?

    Yeah but it's weird the way people are already mostly acting like that didn't happen. Like I've seen so many people make comments about the uncompetitiveness of english football and how the moneyed elite can't be beaten despite the fact that only 18 months ago, the team with the 15th largest...
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    Worst Premier League ever?

    I mean Leicester winning the league was less than 2 years ago.
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    Match Thread Spurs v Everton Sat 17:30

    When this lot hired pochettino they were 1 place and 3 points behind us in the league. They kicked on and we fell behind. Look at the gulph in class now.
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    What if Moyes had today's budgets?

    He's not decisive. They spent all summer looking for a midfielder and chased loads without finding the man they needed. Now you could argue that caution paid off here, because we needed to be sure and we were. When we bought, we mostly only bought players we knew were good. Our buying record...
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    What if Moyes had today's budgets?

    We'd have to cut our spending when the clueless biff got us relegated, anyway.
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    2017/18 Phil Jagielka

    He's got a better record for assists and goals at anfield than most of our strikers.
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    January 2018 transfer window thread.

    Maybe put up the next two tweets from that page, mind?
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    Sam Allardyce

    Jesus christ. If you're arguing any plan that was badly executed is a bad plan then you've basically ruled out everything.
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    Match Thread Everton v Chelsea, 23/12/17

    Unbeaten in 7. Right behind leicester for 8th place. Remember when we lost 5-4 and 4-1 to atalanta and saints? Obviously we can't play like this for ever, it's not going to win us anything. But we were in a hole and we needed to graft our way out of it. We've done that. Come the summer we can...
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    Sam Allardyce

    We've got results from better teams than Chelsea this season.
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    Sam Allardyce

    10 points clear off relegation, 6 points behind Spurs. Can't argue with that. It's already looking like a relegation fight is something that won't happen. I still can't see him being here next year but he's done one hell of a job at steadying the ship.
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    Are we in worse shape than 1994/5?

    The thing is everyone was saying 'yes, because at least in 94-95 we had some fight' but they were thinking about the 94-95 team under Joe Royle. The 94-95 team under mike walker had no fight at all. The fight was put into them by a manager who could get them fighting. As it was this time.
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    2017/18 Jordan Pickford

    What happened to his kicking? Was off target again, tonight. Not like him at all.
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    2017/18 Cuco Martina

    He played well. His positioning still isn't good enough, mind. He recovered a few times with a tackle tonight when they're shouldn't have been any danger in the first place.