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  1. Nebbiolo

    Lescott: Where's my loyalty bonus?

    Sorry, I'm being a bit alarmist with the title. But I was reading a report that wondered whether Lescott was in for a loyalty bonus, seeing as his transfer request was turned down, but he was sold anyway.
  2. Nebbiolo

    Elm: is this lad taking the pee?

    How long does this lad need to make a decision? Assuming we've offered him a deal, it's time he either accepts or declines. I mean, who is he to keep us waiting? And why are we still waiting? We haven't time to fart around with lads of his untested ability. Or am I wrong?
  3. Nebbiolo

    Here's £25m. What now?

    Assuming he goes, and City stump up £20m for him, Moyes has a budget of £25m or so (maybe more). What next? Who should he bring in? Senderos: £5m (plenty of experience, intelligent and young) Moutinho: £20m (as above) Defour: £17m (not sure on his pedigree tbh) Elm: £5m (young, hungry and so...
  4. Nebbiolo

    The man in the DB.

    So who was the mystery man sitting in the DB and shaking hands with everyone at the game tonight? NSNO say: 1. Manny Fernandes 2. Vic Obinna 3. Wesley Snipes I like option 1 to be honest. :)
  5. Nebbiolo

    Victor Obinna

    Thought I'd start a new thread seeing as the last one was about Joleon as well. Have the issues with a work permit been resolved yet? Redknapp and Moyes in the hunt for Inter's "New Martins" Author...
  6. Nebbiolo

    Arteta to Liverpool

    Okay, it's not a great rumour and is based on chat at NSNO. But the lad that posted the rumour over there is Les, which is the lad that sometimes comes on GOT. Now Les is a top bloke and I believe that he thinks that the rumour is a real rumour. Now it might not be a fact based rumour, but it...
  7. Nebbiolo

    Dani Guiza

    Crap source, no references in the source but it's a rumour nonetheless. :) football news - Dani Guiza to Everton?
  8. Nebbiolo

    Young Harry Simmons: better than Rooney was!

    Problem is, he's only 7 years old. The story is from the Warrington Guardian. Harry is better than Rooney at same age 7:41pm Thursday 14th June 2007...
  9. Nebbiolo

    More Jo stuff

    This is from the Telegraph. It says we might take him for a season-long loan, although Hughes didn't say that, that's the reporter talking. Also a bit at the bottom about Moyes wanting to bring in some expensive faces next season. Jo still has a future at Manchester City after...
  10. Nebbiolo

    FA cup money

    If we win it, I make that we have earned: £3.75m from the prize fund. If we lose: £2.75m - FA Cup Prize Fund 2008-2009 This doesn't include TV and radio money, which is a separate fund I believe. Nor does it include gate receipts, etc. The total amount must be double that??? Or...
  11. Nebbiolo

    Goodison: World's 41st best venue!

    THE LIST: Nos 50-41 of the world's greatest sporting venues | Mail Online According to the Mail, our lovely, historic Goodison Park is the 41st greatest sporting venue in the WORLD. Hope they hurry up and build Kirkby because I'd love to see where that would end up, assuming they do a "Top...
  12. Nebbiolo

    Moyes: manager of the season?

    Not long now before the season has ended, and I can only think of another two managers that have performed well; that is, their teams have exceeded expectations and competed above their level consistently. These are: Benitez (boo, hiss) and O'Neil. A lot depends on how the final weeks pan out...
  13. Nebbiolo

    Net spend over 5 years

    I just found this on the internet: Interestingly, Arsenal are far lower spenders than most clubs, which shows what a good scouting network can do for you. With anything like this, it can't take into account various factors. The Rooney money we received makes our spend appear relatively low...
  14. Nebbiolo

    We'll finsh 5th!

    To take part: BBC SPORT | Football | Premier League | Predictor According to the BBC predictor thing, and my take on things, this is how things will end up: 1. Man United 93 (+55) 2. Liverpool 86 (+43) 3. Chelsea 84 (+48) 4. Arsenal 72 (+29) 5. Everton 65 (+15) 6. Villa 61 (+8) 7. Wigan...
  15. Nebbiolo


    Bullshit :lol: I do like Cisse, though.
  16. Nebbiolo

    Facebook and Everton

    The club are attempting to get 10,000 members by the start of the match today. If you're a member of Facebook, just follow the link and join. If not a member, you'll have to go through the tedious task of joining Facebook first. I think they need another 3,500 members to hit their target...
  17. Nebbiolo

    Lars Jacobsen wishes injuries

    He was just on Danish TV and said that Everton are playing really well at the moment so all he can do is train really well and hope that someone gets a knock so that he can get a place :lol: Seriously, he came over as a great guy and I hope he does get some playing time.
  18. Nebbiolo

    Rodwell or Gosling

    Who impressed you the most last night? There is no doubting that both were excellent considering their age and lack of experience. But for me, Rodwell just shaded it. I just felt he looked more composed overall. I'm not taking anything away from Gosling, he played a blinder as well. But up...
  19. Nebbiolo

    When is Saha back?

    Does anyone know a precise date for Saha's return?
  20. Nebbiolo

    Where will we finish?

    It's that time when it isn't that difficult to have a decent stab at predicting how things are to pan out this season. To be honest, a couple of months ago I was a little bit depressed about our chances. The manager looked less than committed, the playing staff seemed totally beret of confidence...