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  1. Joey66

    The White Pele - Colin Harvey points out the advantages of resigning Rooney back I have been a big sceptic of this signing of Wayne Rooney , but reading this article gives me great hope - I could tell an age ago when Rooney in the wrong shirt was...
  2. Joey66

    Best value for money signings - or home grown players since the late 1950's

    Just seen the thread of The Blues expensive signings - How abou it value for money - No 1 has to be Dixie Dean - stalwart loyal players even in short years - Brian Harris cost us a £10 signing on fee etc Labone cost us nothing - as did John Hurst Moggsy - sheedy cost us not much to our pleasure...
  3. Joey66

    Everton first team players who we never should have sold or got rid of?

    Had a bad night's sleep, but since the Ross Barkley thread on whether opinions are should we do our best to keep him or maybe he will go divided I thought back in history of first team players or the old reserve team players - {not the youth players} who we let go in history who we let go, and...
  4. Joey66

    A very nice gesture from the club
  5. Joey66

    Purple Hearts saga regarding former GK Albert Dunlop - A response from Tony Kay with his version

    As a young kid always remember these allegations, and the Purple heat Balloons at away matches mainly at Anfield - Tony Kay gives his response of the events for the teams defence -
  6. Joey66

    Our History - This saturday Should be an interesting day about our name - the fact that he was a relation to my father in law who always ridiculed me as EFC being a catholic club which is of course totally untrue,as I knew we...