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  1. butler_boy

    New Stadium Discussion

    Erm, Everton? Fight back? You must be new here lol
  2. butler_boy

    2018/19 Phil Jagielka

    Said to my Dad after the Arsenal match that he'd rolled back the clock and shown why he was worthy of a new deal. Was eating my own words watching him get bullied by an overweight Serb against Fulham. Great servant but unfortunately it's about time he went back to Brammall Lane.
  3. butler_boy

    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    Said as I watched it live he'd get the book thrown at him and sure enough, he will. Hope we appeal and he plays against United as that's probably the game we need him most. On the matter of 'bias' and us being targeted, there's a simple solution. If the FA are going to continue to make an...
  4. butler_boy

    A question to the most of the fans; Do you really think bringing a new manager would solve our problems?

    Contributing is generous but I'll pay it. For whatever reason he doesn't rate Tosun. The rest is hard to disagree with. We stooped to their level and even lower again. The ball was in the air for most of the game. I don't recall saying he's misunderstood. I think if he shows he's willing to...
  5. butler_boy

    A question to the most of the fans; Do you really think bringing a new manager would solve our problems?

    Elaborate? Genuinely interested why you don't agree, not trying to start beef.
  6. butler_boy

    A question to the most of the fans; Do you really think bringing a new manager would solve our problems?

    We won't finish in European places, we won't go down. Give him the rest of the season to figure out his current best eleven, his own and the squad's deficiencies and how to fix them. Silva has a squad consisting of 5 different managers signings. Square pegs and round holes and all that...
  7. butler_boy

    Stats that quantify why we aren't good enough...

    Team has well and truly shat the bed since that last second of the derby and it will define our season, just as much as they will say it was the catalyst for them kicking on even further. Confidence is what we are lacking. Pickford looks shaken and our heads drop when we miss a chance or...
  8. butler_boy

    Steven Naismith

    Best part of that entire video is Baines' pass to Lukaku against Arsenal. I miss prime Baines.
  9. butler_boy

    January 2019 Transfer Window

    I hate politics and sport crossing over but surely Brexit will have an effect on the league? Re: players from overseas. I was reading on the BBC website not long ago that the FA is planning to reduce the limit of foreign players from 17 to 12 per team, which would not only increase the...
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    Confirmed Signing Yerry Mina

    Lukaku 2.0 written all over him. Looking for his next move before he's even signed for us.
  11. butler_boy

    Summer 2018 Transfer Window

    Is that Mirallas at 0:18 playing the ball forward? Interesting to see if he gets chance (and what number he gets seeing as Walcott has commandeered number 11).
  12. butler_boy

    Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

    Overwhelmed by the replies and very thankful we have this thread. Getting it off my chest has helped me acknowledge the issues I have and I managed to have a quiet night of watching the World Cup. Regarding work, I think I've just accepted that it is what it is and there will always be other...
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    Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

    Posted in here mid-season to get the ball rolling and I never really followed up or kept myself accountable. Had a bit of a meltdown yesterday. Told by my boss at my first job that they're cutting hours and I'm going to be the first on the chopping block, despite having been in the job nearly 2...
  14. butler_boy

    Away and Third kits 2018/2019

    Dear Umbro, Amber away kit please, and save us the embarrassment of another template kit the same as West Ham's by not making a third. I'll never forgive them for making the exact same away kit for us and Hull in 2016/17. Warm Regards, The Entire Planet.
  15. butler_boy

    What was your highest and lowest point of season 17/18?

    Low point: Southampton 4-1 Everton. We looked terrible and I could not see how we would improve. Was a genuine sinking feeling. High point: West Ham at home (the game after the low point) was my first game back at Goodison for since moving to Australia in '04, Rooney's last season with us...
  16. butler_boy

    Do we really need that much?

    Interesting. Source?
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    Kenwrights comments last night about players bought in the summer...

    Problem with Sandro is he's 22 and you get the feeling he thinks he should've walked into the side because he's a Barca Youth product. He started saying he wanted a permanent move to Sevilla after 2 weeks because he got a little bit of game time. This is the Prem. If you produce no end product...
  18. butler_boy

    Homepage Update: Everton v Southampton - Saturday 5th May 17:30

    Very different sides compared to November. We've signed Tosun and they'd sold VVD. Can't see us losing as we've been good at home for a little while now. That being said, 0-3 Sh.Long hat-trick.
  19. butler_boy

    Do we really need that much?

    I am mildly surprised this thread didn't turn into a bed-wetting farce. The shout for Barkley back on loan made me laugh. The snake probably hasn't even been back to Wavertree to see his Ma since January.
  20. butler_boy

    Homepage Update: New Everton Kit Design Unveiled

    Best shout so far. I liked the diamonds but that would really make it a kit that's ours. I can't wait for the fume when West Ham and Bournemouth both have the same template as ours...