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    Match Thread Crystal Palace v Everton (Saturday 26 September 15:00)

    I like what I've seen of Palace this season. Well balanced and effective. I don't think we'll see any drop off in our league results if our new midfield all start. Be very interesting to see how we go against a decent team who should also be brimming with confidence.
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    2020/21 Alex Iwobi

    Watching the highlights one thing that really struck me is that he seemed happier than I've ever seen whilst he has been here, and all the other players obviously like him too. Perhaps he really did need some time to settle in and feel part of the gang and let his confidence increase. He's gone...
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    Match Thread Fleetwood Town v Everton, Wednesday 23rd September, 7.45pm

    I think Ancelotti won't be very patient. He hopefully will be backed to the right player is obtained.
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    Match Thread Fleetwood Town v Everton, Wednesday 23rd September, 7.45pm

    What did Pep do with Hart? You have to have a keeper you trust.
  5. Yarrgh

    Match Thread Fleetwood Town v Everton, Wednesday 23rd September, 7.45pm

    As long as Keane and Digne don't go back to Evans's hotel room after the game, they'll be fine.
  6. Yarrgh

    stones and barkley

    Stones and Barkley should be jettisoned into the sun.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Arrr me hearties. There be Spanish dubloons there. Old blue ball's sunken treasure as the rumours go. Enough to buy the finest lawnmowers ever seen.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    The time to buy an extravagant purchase is when times are hard and the seller needs your money.
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    2020/21 James Rodriguez

    He's certainly a good lad.
  10. Yarrgh

    2020/21 Abdoulaye Doucouré

    I like Doucoure a lot. You can build a winning team on a foundation of players like Doucoure. Dare I say it but he could be like Milner is for the rs - unappreciated by those outside his own supporters but doing a very important job for the team.
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    Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

    I'd miss Bernard for those beautiful bits of magic he can offer. I'd also miss Kenny and Bamingime as I'd love to see them have time to develop and push for a place in the first team. However we have to replace them all really.
  12. Yarrgh

    Are we a better team without fans?

    He turns so much the fans wouldn't be able to keep up shouting that if they were in the ground.
  13. Yarrgh

    2020/21 James Rodriguez

    That hopefully will be correct.
  14. Yarrgh

    Match Thread Everton v West Bromwich Albion - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Absolutely superb that Everton. Keep it up Carlo. Keep it up lads. Now to try and not get too excited about what's happening at the moment, but they're making it difficult with the league performances they're putting in.
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