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    2019/20 Andre Gomes

    8-0 up!!
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    Potential cancellation of games - Coronavirus

    Interesting one because if sky don't pay the clubs why should I and millions of others pay sky for footy that isn't on anyway! And I'm guessing lots are on 12 month contracts so couldn't cancel??
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    2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

    To be perfectly honest, I don't want the massive cracks papered over. This result may have been needed. It was lost in midfield. Only Gomes is good enough but even he doesn't have the mobility needed. You just need to see the amount of times their midfield picked the ball up and turned (with...
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    What's the dynamics with Liverpool FC like in the city?

    Earlier this week an RS workmate posted a video of a bunch of clowns emerging from a bus to the tune of z cars. When I asked if it was the Red Shte coming out the tunnel at Watford he then 'informed' me it was the Everton team cus z cars was our theme! I couldn't even be bothered explaining...
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    What's the dynamics with Liverpool FC like in the city?

    I have lots of kopite mates and even one son who is RS! (#crosses chest) Perfectly nornal human beings right up until you discuss football. The subject is simply out of bounds with them.
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    Man City Banned From Europe

    Surely if Usminov is involved with us we need City to challenge this? This closed group of Euro elite brought this FFP in to stop City and and any other club gate crashing they're party! Does that not make City an ally in this respect?
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    2019/20 Moise Kean

    Well if it was a pass he's wants a bollocking cus Theo slots one of them from ten if we're lucky. He'd be better of playing keepy uppy with it before smashing it home on the volley than passing to him.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    At this stage of the process it can only be choosing from the options re the funding. BK may have put an offer in for a house without having a job first but not these fellas. Relax. Its happening.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    He can back track or side track all he wants.... The fact he's been wrong all along will still remain.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Get your spoon ready @davek, you'll be munching on that humble pie this summer.
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    So City now valued at 5 Billion??
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    They have been and will continue to be in this together..... that's my view. The sponsorship deals past and future where all part of the plan I'm sure.
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    So you think Moshiri is gunna go all Kroenke on his long time business partner..... I doubt that.
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    See previous reply above..... But I will say if / when we return to European competition, FFP may become an issue again. But again, I'm sure these fellas have thought of this already so who cares!
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    Eh don't get me wrong! Ain't my money so I don't care..... But the prices will rise as will the wages. I'm not going all davek here!!
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