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    2022/23 Nathan Patterson

    Scotland aren't in the WC, is that right ?
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    2022/23 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Is he fit now or not ?
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    2022/23 Conor Coady

    For me it seems like yesterday seeing Labone in the middle of the back line.
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    2022/23 Jordan Pickford

    I am sick to death will all this media innuendo about our players, Gordon, now Man U would like Pickford, add to that tipping Lampard to take over from Southgate. Does nothing except unsettle our people, no doubt this is fueled by agents looking for 10%.
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    2022/23 Kevin Thelwell

    Please be here for a very long run the pair of you.
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    2022/23 Michael Keane

    Also come season end Branthwaite will be back.
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    We won a Derby match at last. In front of Rush and Barnes.
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    2022/23 Seamus Coleman

    He has been a brilliant footballer for us and is still in there albeit not quite as quick as he used to be. Who isn't as they get older.
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    2022/23 Allan

    Talk of the new club paying off his contract about 4 mill, but no mention of any transfer fee, per Toffeewe3b.
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    2022/23 James Tarkowski

    He is a Man U player, does that explain it ?
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    2022/23 James Tarkowski

    For me better then Maguire.
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    2022/23 Conor Coady

    Oh EFF, I hope not.
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    2022/23 Michael Keane

    Forgive him for many things after that goal against CP.
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    2022/23 Nathan Patterson

    GP is the only Holy Place for us.
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    2022/23 Frank Lampard

    When I watched it again on you tube brought tears to my eyes and seeing that packed Goodison brought back memories.
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