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    New Stadium Discussion

    To be honest, I think the dock wall behind the goal is spurious. Probably inserted by Dan Meis for some comic effect, given that the audience was the Sports Ground Safety Authority, no doubt had them all chortling.
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    Confirmed Signing Richarlison

    I would imagine that our ruthlessly rigorous medical consists of completing a simple questionnaire: - are there are chronic or life-threatening conditions that you are aware of? Yes/No - would you like to join Everton FC? Yes/No Sign here please, then collect a new shirt & scarf on the way out...
  3. ToffeeDoug

    Brands & Silva press conference.

    Good post.
  4. ToffeeDoug

    Marco Silva

    Silva's odds have shortened from 2/5 yesterday to 1/4 today. Punters are buying money here.
  5. ToffeeDoug

    Next Everton Manager

    Bizarrely the Paddy Power market for the next manager still has Fonseca and Emery available at 12/1 and 18/1 respectively but no Philip Cocu anywhere in their entire list. Seem very slow to update their odds, whereas SkyBet are changing theirs all the time.
  6. ToffeeDoug

    Marco Silva

    Got a sneaky feeling that Unsie will get the Assistant Manager job under Silva. Was surprised when he turned the Oxford Utd job down a couple of months back. Perhaps the club have been planning for this moment longer than we realised?
  7. ToffeeDoug

    Sam Allardyce

    I'm pondering Fat Sam's next job.......Everton Museum Curator perhaps? <I jest>
  8. ToffeeDoug

    Summer 2018 Transfer Window

    I love Baines but we're not getting any higher than 7th with him as first choice. But I think Rose as a link is tabloid drivel. Rumours are bound to be nonsense at this time because the new manager and new DoF are not yet in post.
  9. ToffeeDoug

    Farhad Moshirì

    He's got three huge decisions to make that will determine our future for years to come - new manager, new DoF, new CEO. Four decisions if you include refreshing the Board membership.
  10. ToffeeDoug

    Hypothetical Manager Shortlist No.1

    Didn't realise until this week that Laurent Blanc hadn't got another managerial job since leaving PSG in 2016.
  11. ToffeeDoug

    Hypothetical Manager Shortlist No.1

    If it is any consolation only one of the above eventualities can happen!
  12. ToffeeDoug

    Summer 2018 Transfer Window

    Kolasinac left Schalke last summer on a free, what's happening here, good players aren't signing new contracts to stay with the club and the club isn't selling them 6-12 months beforehand?
  13. ToffeeDoug

    New Stadium Discussion

    They presented it as 50k or more, suggesting many of the 99% would be happy to be given 50k. A very sly presentation of the figures.
  14. ToffeeDoug

    New Stadium Discussion

    I agree on everything suggesting a 52k capacity tops. Dan Meis is reinforcing the message of atmosphere, stands close to the pitch, build a intimidating fortress, no empty seats etc. Easier to achieve these aims with a 52k capacity rather than a 60k one.
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