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    Post Covid-19 - EFC to play home at Anfield?

    Post covid 19, that would mean after covid 19, There'll be no need for social distance after covid 19.
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    Next shirt sponsor.

    Maybe if usm sponsor us uzzy can have a picture of his fat head on the inside.
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    Just had a look at some other teams that hummel make kits for, I have to say the Coventry kit is absolutely beautiful, I'd like to see how it would look with the royal blue fading to white so if anyone has the IT skills to mock one up then go for it.
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    Cardboard Cutouts in Goodison??

    They could sub in some cutouts for some of our players while they are at it, I doubt many would notice.
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    Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

    True words, cancers are manageable if caught early, any lump needs checking asap.
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    Gazza at Everton

    The 90 world cup, what a time to be Irish, getting to the quarter final serious party atmosphere there's never been anything like it since. Looking back we arguably underachieved we had an awesome side but Jack Charlton didn't have us playing to our strengths.
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    Gazza at Everton

    Nah, if anything the opposite is true, he had more talent than any English player that I've ever seen. His fondness of the ale ruined him.
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    Unluckiest Everton Players Ever

    Hummm I just had a knock on the door, I opened it to 3 men and 1 woman dressed in blue suits, they told me that Gbamin does exist and it's dangerous to question his existence on the internet. They then left in a bobsleigh.
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    Unluckiest Everton Players Ever

    I'm beginning to think that Gbamin doesn't exist, maybe they just want us to think he does, who are THEY? no idea more powerful people than me.
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    Poll: Complete the season at neutral venues behind closed doors

    Apparently police have asked any game that could decide the title should be played at a neutral venue along with Newcastle V Sheffield (for some reason) all the others involve City and Liverpool.. So the goodison Derby could be somewhere else...
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    Next shirt sponsor.

    Just to clear things up, is that a deal over 9 years at 23p a year or, 23p over the 9 years?
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    New DM

    Nobody, just play attacking football, sick to the tits of playing against weaker sides and going out with defensive midfielders.
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    A Page Update

    You forgot to mention that Anfield stinks of piss.
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    Next shirt sponsor.

    That would be nice, but there's no room for nostalgia unless they are willing to match the £££ of other companies..
  15. Tipp blue

    Next shirt sponsor.

    I would like a luxury brand to sponsor us (pure snobbery) , any of those mentioned, Roles Royce would do, outside of cars I think the Rolex logo would be mint.
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