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    The run in

    Problem is everything is easier in hindsight. Cardiff up until that point had looked a far harder to beat side than the one that rolled over and had it's belly tickled. Had they turned up and beat us then we go into the derby with more pressure, on another day Salah scores and we could have...
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    First Everton Goal of Your Life

    Trevor Ross late equaliser against Leeds at Goodison. I was actually in the delivery room the day Big Bob, Ross and Todd put Birmingham to the sword, that would have had a better sound to it. But wouldn't have really counted as even if I decided to make my entrance a few minutes earlier than I...
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    Things that Everton will never do

    Win the Champions League. I'm hoping that by posting this it happens, just to prove me wrong. But I doubt it.
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    SEASON 2019/20

    Is this still a transition season?
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    Everton Headspace

    It's nearly Christmas.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Even if it's the former we are talking a couple of feet at most.
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    Blues stadium will be a new Fourth Grace for city - Prof DBB

    There's already a fourth grace in the city. It is called Anfield and just so you don't get confused with the other graces it is prefixed with letters "dis" in front of it... ;)
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    Youth - When are we going to use them?

    Don't we already have a Michael Jackson thread in the Ale House?
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    Dear David Moyes...

    This is getting silly now. I didn't mind Moyes, for all his faults the team had some fight and at times played some very decent todgeball. I didn't want him to be sacked or for him to leave but saying that I was not overly sad when he decided to leave. His time had come to a natural end. The...
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Not sure about it to be honest. Apparently their larger end is taller than Man utd's SAF stand and that would also make it bigger than the RS hole puncher. That dwarfs our plans in those documents. I counted 72 rows give or take in SJP, then as you mention there is at least 3 flat sections in...
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Ours won't be that high. What you have to think of with St. James's is that the large stands have to be much larger due to the fact that two stands (inc. 3 corners) are a lot smaller. With ours apart from the one smaller end with corners that slope down to meet it, means that the 52k is...
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    Dear David Moyes...

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    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Looks like Bale will be free in the summer. Make it happen Brands. :hayee:
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    New Stadium Discussion

    We have obviously been asked to give a presentation either by the council or Peel. Nothing really to see here, the RS CEO went the other year and I didn't see anyone saying they are trying to drum up funds for their project at the time.
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    2018/19 Jordan Pickford

    Think he always loses his composure when playing the barcodes. Let's see what he does against Chelsea. A decent manager should be able to get a tune out of him.