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    Time To Break FFP?

    We probably would spend if we could get someone who was decent enough to be a sure thing. Problem is the players we are after are also on other clubs radars that offer more than we can at the moment - in terms of European football and have probably won a few trophies since we last did.
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    Which side wins?

    I reckon Gylfi would look a lot better if the average opposition was a Tom Davies. I wish Tom all the best and I hope he does become a player for us but at this very moment we know why Siggurdson can't be bothered, Davies never had it to begin with. It saddens me to say just in the battle of...
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    Which side wins?

    Siggys wins this mate. Davies hits a football about as hard as my nan...and she's been dead for a year.
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    Message of motivation to the team

    If you ever want to see your families again...
  5. The binman chronicles

    The Goodison Mole

    That's all we need a pitch full of holes to match the team.
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    If your life was an Everton game, which would it be?

    Everton 1 Arsenal 6 from 09. Start of a fresh season full of optimism but given a massive kick in the head instead.
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    Your 'ITK' Thread

    Unless they happen to be called Aguero and Messi I cannot foresee a massive difference they'll make. Just thank god Alexis signed for inter a few days ago... :coffee:
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    2020/21 The Everton Board Thread

    Where's the Arteta money?
  9. The binman chronicles

    stones and barkley

    When I see this thread it just makes me think they've teamed up to sing a cover of Diamond Lights.
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    Carlo Ancelotti: 'Deadwood, mismanagement & a total rebuild' - is this his biggest challenge?

    I put this in the transfer thread this morning and I still stand by it: There's something wrong with him (Ratcliffe). We Welsh are tinged with melancholy but he takes it to extremes. Overall we are not that bad and you'd think an ex-pro would spot that especially seeing what happened in 83/84...
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    Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg.

    He's gone to a club that at least at the moment has better chances of having a decent season and with more games as they are in Europe. Completely understandable. What we need to do is kick our useless expensive players to have a better season so next year recruitment should be easier.
  12. The binman chronicles

    Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

    There's something wrong with him. We Welsh are tinged with melancholy but he takes it to extremes. Overall we are not that bad and you'd think an ex-pro would spot that especially seeing what happened in 83/84 where a few seasoned pros turned around a team struggling far worse than ours. We...
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    Hey boy, I really wanna see if you can go to town with a club like us. Oh you won't? That ends that then.
  14. The binman chronicles

    Your 'ITK' Thread

    I have it on good authority that we are still screwed until Rom's mum calls off the curse.
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