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    Poll: Your starting 11 v Villa

    I don't care as long as we win seventy five- nil.
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    Homepage Article Wat’s A Rival?

    Says on Wikipedia that their rivalry is with Luton, they are only just winning that one nevermind against us. There is not one thing you could chalk on the tally for them when comparing. Just a wronged lover because we snatched their man, well 2 if you count Richarlison.
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    Managing Expectations and ‘That Lot’

    To me how the RS are doing has no bearing on us until we are actually ready to compete with them. Yes would be great to be ahead of them like we did a while back, but then they used their status and financial muscle to address that balance. We need to have incremental progress to start...
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    Managing Expectations and ‘That Lot’

    Was just going to say that. Ridiculous statement from a clown of a man.
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    Even those with the most voracious of appetites would struggle to spend more than a hundred pounds at McDonald's, similar (albeit probably you can spend a fair bit more) with someone with an alcohol issue at the pub, as there is only so much the body can take in one sitting. Now both of those...
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    Lincoln city

    I am fully versed and often preach the 'Everton that' mantra but for Pete's sake man up it is Lincoln we are talking about here. In the past we just about had a first team and any change to the team left it considerably weaker. When Millwall knocked us out of the FA cup we were on a very bad...
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    2019/20 Bernard

    Will someone please think of the stats!! :D
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    If anyone doesn't want to wave it then that is up to them, but even if you don't you have a nice keepsake to stick in the window/give to the kids/keep boxed to sell on ebay in 20 years. Nothing to really moan about.
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    Homepage Article Lucas Digne On ‘the best personal moment in my career’

    Wish all our players acted the same as Digne and Gomes. In this world of mercenary footballers we have found two that genuinely appear to happy to play for us and give their all. No surprise why they get the love back from the fans because of this.
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    Match Thread Everton v Watford, Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    I spat out my cornflakes when I saw this. Mild dislike at most because of their supporters getting way above station, but probably better described as apathy, now makes a rivalry? Up to them who they see as rivals I suppose but it is more like a fly that needs swotting away.
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    I'm all for it it as long as they have given us odds of 15-1 to break into the top 7.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    From a birds eye view it looks like this: The larger side stand upper tiers slope down so it cuts into a straight line with the back of the north stand. This is all to keep the building on the BM plot, if it was the same height all around it would overhang into the wastewater works land.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    They could do but that would involve significant costs. As it stands people would hit ground level with a minimum amount of steps (or any) once in the vomitory. This way it allows people to disperse quickly instead of needing multiple staircases filling up the available lower concourse area or...
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    New Stadium Discussion

    The smaller end is necessitated due to that is the boundary line of the plot, you could have a larger north end but you would be moving the pitch south side and thus reducing the capacity of that end.
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    Legends of Goodison Park Update

    I put in Sandy Young to go with the later Alex. ;) The thing is that 85 team gave us our first European trophy and very nearly the domestic double and what is considered to be the best game ever at Goodison. If we had more success then that team wouldn't seem as important to our history. We...