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    Match Thread Southampton vs Everton - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll

    Huge. Hanging on a bit obv, but it's like a totally different team to the one that bent over at St Mary's just eight months ago. Unrecognisable. Same Dogs of War touch against Utd please.
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    Match Thread Everton vs West Ham United - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll

    It's the guardian, probably just miffed they don't sell plastic cups of chateaux le tour 45 with scouse pie.
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    Expectations for the Coming Season ?

    Without Gueye: 17th and FA Cup fourth round With Gueye: 11th and FA Cup quarters Liverpool will still be annoying and take six points off us and get every VAR decision imaginable. I will get nowhere near the top of my work's FPL table despite being a total fluffer and captaining Salah. Some...
  4. TGW89

    Relegation 2022/23

    Only 4/1 for the drop. Can't even take out my "annual insurance policy". Typical. Four grand for dropping last season, a Blankety sodding Blank chequebook and pen this time.
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    Match Thread Everton v Dynamo Kyiv Friday 29 July 7.45pm KO.

    Been dinner with missus. Good boo or bad boo tonight?
  6. TGW89

    Confirmed Signing Idrissa Gueye

    Fossil or not, there's no way Watford win that 5-2 with Gueye in the middle. Easiest yes ever.
  7. TGW89

    Match Thread Everton v Dynamo Kyiv Friday 29 July 7.45pm KO.

    Second.... (getting there!) However, I have an anniversary dinner with the special lady. So can only be there in spiwit.
  8. TGW89

    Transfer Rumour Ross Barkley

    Yeah, worked really well when we got Jeffers and Nyarko in 2004...
  9. TGW89

    PL Fixtures announcement 2022/23 season

    Said it all along yesterday, this and them hosting the return derby every year for at least the next decade probably, as it's a guaranteed 3 pts during the UCL knockouts, rather than a potentially soul-destroying 0-0 draw at Goodison that loses Sky 80% of its viewership. Not enough to have VAR...
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    PL Fixtures announcement 2022/23 season

    Loved that Man U game in 2012, Fellaini was unstoppable, RVP anonymous despite the pre-match hype. You could see the old guard like Scholes getting more tetchy by the minute, realising these young lions were more than a match.
  11. TGW89

    PL Fixtures announcement 2022/23 season

    I posted a link to an article from November 2013 after we'd had 11 straight years of hosting the first derby. The techie who is part of the fixture team said teams aren't allowed to make such specific requests. I also heard that it was actually us who requested it, to try and stop people just...
  12. TGW89

    PL Fixtures announcement 2022/23 season

    Haven't we already done that?
  13. TGW89

    PL Fixtures announcement 2022/23 season

    Don't worry pal, only another eight bloody years to go.
  14. TGW89

    PL Fixtures announcement 2022/23 season

    That's going on Flashscore within the next nine months. Cheers :D
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