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    I do think Everton would be the right club for him if he was to come back and prove a point, but it would also be a big gamble on our part too I do think Moshiri would be all over it if he thought he could get him
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Tory FC in screwing the local community shocker! In all seriousness, how come they are never pulled up about things like this, I won't hold my breath on the echo front page story defending the people who live in the areas
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    Do we need a new penalty taker?

    I don't like Siggurdson taking penalties, he always worries me, he got lucky today, Digne should be the pen taker, he will just smash it in
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    New YouTube show...

    I enjoyed that, agree a lot with what @little curly alan ball said
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    Derby Score Prediction

    Wake me up when it's over, I don't want to witness our gang of fannys surrendering
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    Atmosphere at home games........

    Have you seen Watfords stand, quotes from Elton John songs FFS Get out of football you horrible club
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    Everton Direct

    The Thai police are very suspicious of Evertonians thanks to @Diogenes the Cynic
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    6 fans arrested on two coaches heading to Cardiff.

    Oh was it the brick, I wonder if their being targeted now after Milwall then after Watford, the Watford one was the brick as Well wasn't it, so would make sense
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    6 fans arrested on two coaches heading to Cardiff.

    Bet their are lads on that coach who are still wired, 3 bags in 0.6 seconds when they seem the sniffer dog's
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    6 fans arrested on two coaches heading to Cardiff.

    Had family on it, it was going from the oak at 2pm, they were kept for 2 hours so swerved it and went the pub because a drive to Cardiff at 4 o'clock wasn't worth it by then
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    2018/19 Bernard

    Massive improvement in our performance once he came on
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    Match Thread Cardiff City v Everton- Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    We needed that, crap performance but got better once Bernard was on I thought
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    2018/19 Marco Silva

    Yeah I have to take a step back from internet views sometimes myself, I think being crap on the field opens up a world of fury against the whole Everton establishment, probably shows why Evertonians fume at everything board level down since 1994 I suppose if we were still in the FA cup and...
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    2018/19 Marco Silva

    The thing is though, he was out of work for being crap at his job, only the people running Everton being the big divvies they are and seem to justify being divvies regularly would agree to pay watford 4 mill because were scared of them telling the FA, didn't Watford get Silva from Hull under...