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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    Managed to get 30 of us (stag do) into the yellow wall in 2007, I think not long after it went to season tickets only - it was 11 euro a ticket so about 7 pound and a great experience for 95% of the time - the 5% was when they sang that song from over the park..... The best thing was the...
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    this looks great tbh - can't wait to see more of the stands getting built
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    thats a great picture - the back steelwork going up for the north stand where turnstile/concourses are plus you can see the south stand steel foundation areas look pretty well advanced
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    2021/22 Andros Townsend

    Has Andros made it down the touchline yet?
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    Pinpoint the moment..

    Agree on the cumulative comments, but for me the moments I realised this season we would struggle were Watford at home and QPR away in the cup
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    Funny enough that was one of the games for me that alarm bells starting ringing
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    For me its 50/50 on staying up, we either scrape a few wins/draws in the games versus Newcastle, Palace, Burnley, Watford and Brentford, potentially also add in the Leicester game at home & hope to get 12-14 points which should see us safe, but I'm losing confidence game by game...the pit in the...
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    Carpooling from Leeds

    @Hokkanen the supporters club bus above picks up in leeds, I've used it for about 15 years now on and off
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