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    2018/19 Cuco Martina

    Unless a player has shown a bad attitude or stupidity (Mirallas, Gibson etc..), I don’t like to hear players being slagged off. As far as I saw, CM always put a shift in & did his best. Why he was ever signed is the question that should be asked. 3rd choice at Southampton wasn’t he...
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    2018/19 Kevin Mirallas

    Agree that’s all he’s fit for, but let’s hope the club manages to get him off the books before pre season starts. Don’t want attitudes like that around the squad.
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    2018/19 Bernard

    Obviously would love to see him add goals to his game, but if we can add a striker & Silva can maintain confidence levels shown in the closing games, then this fella can be really key. His 1st touch & scurrying runs can take out 3 players in seconds.
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    2018/19 Kevin Mirallas

    It baffles me where people get this idea he was ever anything special. Always thought he was average at best & predictable. Lightweight, one-paced, always cut inside onto his right. Never lifted his head. Shooting 6/10 at best. Obviously had an inflated opinion of himself. Moody little fanny...
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    2018/19 Jordan Pickford

    Scoring a pen & the save to win. Absolutely made up for the lad! Any bid over 50mil though, I’d snatch their hand off.
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    Transfer Rumour Danny Welbeck

    McCarhy replacement???
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    Bolton in Crisis(EFC Related)

    I’m proud of the club for chipping in to support the Bolton staff. At the same time I think football in the U.K. needs a wake up call. Personally, I think it’s insane that a player in the 3rd tier can be a full time professional. I’d like to see a salary cap introduced across the game...
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    Everton Fan Survey

    I didn’t mean to criticise btw. Appreciate the effort you guys have gone to. It was a genuine comment. I have no idea what the remit of a CEO is at a football club, given that (hopefully) the DOF has full control of football matters. So I genuinely have no clue if she is doing a good job or not.
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    Everton Fan Survey

    Question about the new CEO should have a Don’t Know option. I can’t say whether I’m impressed or not. No idea what she does or how well she’s doing it.
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    2018/19 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Did you go to the ManU semi? Lukaku fluffed 4 clear cut chances & had a penalty saved. Didn’t hear much criticism of him, it was all the manager’s fault apparently.
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    Homepage Update: April GOT Player of the Month

    Absolute credit to him. He struggled for a long time, admittedly in a struggling team, but he’s looking worthy of his price tag now.
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    Bill Kenwright

    Engineered the exit of the biggest talent in a generation rather than lose his train set. Sent the Sheikhs packing down the M62, waiting for an investor who would keep him as figurehead. The man is an utter............
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    Friday night football

    Agreed. Absolute p1ss take.
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    2018/19 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Yet another good shift. Never gives less than 100% I realise bedwetters who’s only experience is on play station might not appreciate the difficulty of gale force winds. I don’t think young Dom is in charge or recruitment, so we can hardly blame him for not having Cavani in the squad.., but...
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    Seventh Place

    We need to win the last 2, simple as that. I’m gutted not to get european football, but if Wolves beat us to it by winning on the last day, that will be consolation enough!