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    Referees and Everton 2022/2023

    I don't think it's that simple, because as well as being incompetent, a lot of them are also weak individuals who don't want to rock the boat with the big clubs, but they will attempt to show that they are tough against the lower clubs. Anthony Taylor is an exception I think, or at least...
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    Match Thread Newcastle United v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Hook Iwobi, Gordon and Mykolenko
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    Match Thread Tottenham Hotspur v Everton. Sat Oct 14th 5.30

    Far too much passing backwards, it's plagued us for years
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    Referees and Everton 2022/2023

    Dermot Gallagher has turned into that little bald fella from the Benny Hill show, and should be slapped in a similar fashion.
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    Match of the Day 2

    I can't agree with the comments that the game warranted limited coverage by MOTD. Many millions of fans can't get to the game, and don't have SKY or BT. They're entitled to see their club's players in a game, to see how they perform, and equally to watch good defending, even if these things...
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    2022/23 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    What would they operate on, given that all his injuries have been different?
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    2022/23 Vitalii Mykolenko

    He played as well as he normally does, and he put a shift in, credit to him. I just don't think he's good enough.
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    Confirmed Signing Idrissa Gueye

    The tweet says, 'pay', not 'buy', so who knows?
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    Confirmed Signing Idrissa Gueye

    It's a bit vague. €10 million could be the value of the contract buyout, including his wages for this season, and perhaps more.
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    2022/23 Anthony Gordon

    Until 1987 it did mean something, and it was applied in practice, though not enough to always win everything, it doesn't mean that. Since then it has been diluted, no argument from me on that. I think that while it can't apply to league position, it should have some resonance when we are...
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    2022/23 Anthony Gordon

    I'd like to put that claim to the test. I appreciate that Kenwright during his tenure has failed to uphold it, but you have to set your own bar high. I wonder what a supporters poll would say? Remove NSNO from the club's livery, or keep it for sentimental reasons?
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    2022/23 Anthony Gordon

    I'm not an accountant and we have half a dozen full time people at the club whose job it is to make the money decisions. Remember we have already sold Richarlison to appease the FFP brigade. Selling 2 diamonds to buy some lesser junk does not interest me. 'Nil Satis Nisi Optimum' anyone?
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    2022/23 Anthony Gordon

    But it's not business that we have to do. Most fans don't want him gone, despite the insistence of some in this GOT thread.
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    2022/23 Anthony Gordon

    If there's more than one club offering 60 mill, then why the help would we accept only that much? There is some serious , big interest in AG from clubs who either see themselves dropping out of contention (Chelsea) and others who see this season as potentially league champions (Spurs) and maybe...
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    2022/23 Anthony Gordon

    We would waste most of that 60 mill on dross, agents fees and silly wages.
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