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    Could be worse, it could be Dundalk
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    I'm guessing it's arranged if Drogheda have put that up.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    I wonder if the expansion to 62k comes on the back of safe standing and what they have said about transforming two stands for safe standing if that becomes a thing? So safe standing is introduced and we have 62k, it's not and we stay at 52k
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    January ‘19 Transfer Window

    Once the red echo start selling Richarlison to Barca around the start of November, the whole tone of this thread will change
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    Summer 2018 Transfer Window

    5 in. Mina and another CB, Bernard, Gomes and a CF no one hears about until it's done
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    Summer 2018 Transfer Window

    That's not an issue anyway.
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    Summer 2018 Transfer Window

    I doubt the veracity of this simply because they have his name spelt wrong. It's McLoughlin and he is a very very good CB but I wonder if he is currently capable of making that huge step up. £200k and a sell on clause would probably get it done, loan him straight out to the championship for a...
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    Homepage Update: Wayne Rooney transfer "agreed in principle"

    Chelsea will give us £35m on the back of him having a good world cup
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    Marcel Brands new DOF time sweepstake

    I'd imagine a double announcement with the new manager, whoever and whenever that may be?
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    Homepage Update: Everton Sack Sam Allardyce

    Edit : Second. Which is a long way from Sams finishing capabilities
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    Hypothetical Manager Shortlist No.1

    Why isn't Wenger seriously in the mix here? What do we want our next manager to do? Challenge the top 6 top 4 positions and win a cup or two, that's what Wenger has done every season he has been in the country. He will get us there and then when we need to review it it 3 or 4 years time we can...
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    Homepage Update: Blues eye young attacker

    Byrne is currently on loan at Dundalk, where he starts and finishes every game on the bench.