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    Everton Jan 2022 transfer thread

    If any transfers are being done at this moment in time, who at the club will be doing them?
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    Personal message to mr Pereira

    I'm booing Pereira next game even if he doesn't become our manager!
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    Would you accept relegation if it meant winning the FA Cup?

    You're being too kind to this thread with "ridiculous" Eggs.
  4. LouReedwalkonthewildside

    Vitor Pereira

    The journo's all get their info from here as well mate. lol
  5. LouReedwalkonthewildside

    Vitor Pereira

    My lad was just saying he read that the board want to wait and take their time appointing our next manager, Moshiri is overruling them and wants to push ahead with Pereira.
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    Our ‘fans’ are a joke

    What's the difference between a Rolls Royce and a prostitute? I haven't got a Rolls Royce in my garage...
  7. LouReedwalkonthewildside

    The fan negativity isn't helping anyone

    I've I had enough after 80 mins and stormed out
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    Who's next after Benitez - Poll reset 25th Jan

    Would agree with Kovac mate, if Rooney or Lampard were coming in in the Summer, a pre - season behind them and money to spend would also agree, either of them coming in now, 5th from bottom and massive pressure I'm not sure mate.
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    Frank Lampard Poll included

    Rooney and Lampard aren't the right managers to bring into to manage a team 5th from bottom and a shambles from top to bottom, who the right person is I don't know.
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    Bill Kenwright

    Remember Kenwright's grid coming up on the screen at Goodison and loads happy clapping him.
  11. LouReedwalkonthewildside

    Bill Kenwright

    Hey @GrandOldTeam was a bit out of order earlier with a post, apologies.
  12. LouReedwalkonthewildside

    Bill Kenwright

    yeah was out of order mate, can't remove it now though.
  13. LouReedwalkonthewildside

    Bill Kenwright

    Sorry mate, I meant if he passed away.
  14. LouReedwalkonthewildside

    How do we get our Everton back .

    the Eagle & Child (no longer there) was a boss eatery and a place for hard to get stuff mate.
  15. LouReedwalkonthewildside

    How do we get our Everton back .

    Half a billion pounds later mate...
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