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    Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

    Thanks mate not too bad , nice you remember, losing my mum and dad so close together did take me a few months to filter in my head .thanks @Earwigjoe .tear in my eye people can be so nice on here x
  2. Leylo

    Confirmed Signing Andros Townsend

    My worries about him is he's swaying more to media duties and might not be arsed anymore.
  3. Leylo

    Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

    So sorry mate my dad was diagnosed with advanced and in his bones ,treatments are amazing now he kept going for decades don't be too down they can blow this away keep your head up
  4. Leylo

    lethargic fans...

  5. Leylo

    News of Ex Players

    Mate Celtic are shabite
  6. Leylo

    News of Ex Players

    Wow makes me feel so sad ,what a lovely man he was, great for us
  7. Leylo

    Everton Summer transfers 2021

    With you there mate just wanna go back ;)
  8. Leylo


    I hate,detest tomatoe sauce and its feckin red. lol
  9. Leylo

    Season tickets

    Mine and my lads just landed through the post, can't wait to be back:cheers:
  10. Leylo

    2020/21 Fabian Delph

    Please please, someone get this tool out of our club.
  11. Leylo

    2020/21 Fabian Delph

    Were is the problem ,big wages bad attitude he will just stay sitting on his contract. No one would have surely
  12. Leylo

    Florida Cup 2021

    Well done lads giving the link
  13. Leylo

    2020/21 Andre Gomes

    Looked like he.was well overweight last season, couldn't really tell there
  14. Leylo

    2020/21 Bernard

    Good little player but not for the Premier league, good luck to him when he leaves for munchkin land.
  15. Leylo

    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    We will always gonna get the blame ,especially by the red half of the city, personally its the buildings by the liver buildings that are awful and the car park ffs, would of happened anyway. At least the stadium is being built in conjunction of the surroundings not like some monstrosities off...
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