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    Leylo replied to the thread Florida Cup 2021.
    Well done lads giving the link
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    Leylo reacted to Dario Terracotta's post in the thread Old Everton Pictures with Like Like.
    We signed him on the back of two good games he had against Bryan Robson in the cup semi final,what a weak, limited player he truly was,big dough too!!
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    Leylo replied to the thread 2020/21 Andre Gomes.
    Looked like he.was well overweight last season, couldn't really tell there
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    Leylo replied to the thread 2020/21 Bernard.
    Good little player but not for the Premier league, good luck to him when he leaves for munchkin land.
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    Leylo reacted to billyblue80's post in the thread 2020/21 Fabian Delph with Like Like.
    He's barely played for us in three years. Hideous waste of money
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    Pier head in front of the Cunard Building should be the one blamed not our stadium way up out of the way. Not to mention the gallery. See above, that already happened! Don't think they can put much more in front of the graces though. This news...
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    Leylo replied to the thread New Everton Stadium Discussion.
    We will always gonna get the blame ,especially by the red half of the city, personally its the buildings by the liver buildings that are awful and the car park ffs, would of happened anyway. At least the stadium is being built in conjunction of...
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    Leylo reacted to Blue 1's post in the thread New Everton Stadium Discussion with Like Like.
    https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/jul/21/unesco-strips-liverpool-waterfront-world-heritage-status "The UN’s heritage body concluded at a meeting in China on Wednesday that the “outstanding universal value” of Liverpool’s waterfront had...
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    Leylo reacted to Martin Alvito's post in the thread Goats squad analysis thread 2021/22 with Like Like.
    It would save a lot on salaries. We might be able to file some insurance claims. It would be insurance fraud, so that bit might be risky.
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