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    Season tickets

    Well yeah, Everton ballsing something up goes without saying, that’s fair enough, but that’s not the same issue as not being able to access your digital ticket / Covid pass on your phone when at the ground
  2. Lee Smith

    Season tickets

    I really don’t know why so many people are worrying about not having a phone signal at the stadium to access their Covid pass or digital season ticket. You can literally just screen grab the QR / Barcode and save it to your phones Camera Roll / Album offline whenever you want. Covid QR codes...
  3. Lee Smith

    2020/21 Fabian Delph

    The fact that the meme shared by Delph describes the immune system as something that was “designed” tells you all you need to know about the sort of loon that created it. Oh, and Delph is a massive bell both on and off the pitch. Never have I disliked an Everton player as much as him. Complete...
  4. Lee Smith

    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    That load of crap was doing the rounds months ago. Sub-surface geotechnical and geophysical surveys would have been one of the very first things the club / contractors would have done.
  5. Lee Smith

    2020/21 Bernard

    The most disappointing thing about all this is that I won’t be able to bellow out my favourite Joy Division song at away games anymore
  6. Lee Smith

    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    Ok mate, whatever makes you happy ;)
  7. Lee Smith

    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    You’re proper weird like
  8. Lee Smith

    New In-House Ticket Re-Sale Platform (no more StubHub!)

    Actually a great shout this. I'll admit I have on occasions sold my STs for above face value on StubHub when I couldn't make it and the demand was there (Liverpool and Man U only really), but this has always been more than offset by the amount of times I've sold them for 5 or 10 pound for the...
  9. Lee Smith

    New In-House Ticket Re-Sale Platform (no more StubHub!)

    EVERTON TO LAUNCH NEW TICKET RESALE PLATFORM Everton Season Ticket Members will be able to resell tickets for games they cannot attend during the 2021/22 season when the Club launches its own ticket resale platform next month. The facility has been created to assist Season Ticket Members if...
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    If you didn’t already know this, you do now. UNESCO are a bunch of absolutely irrelevant luddites. The developments going on along the whole of the docklands will be worth a magnitude more to the city of Liverpool than any UNESCO “status” ever would.
  11. Lee Smith

    Florida Cup 2021

    Arsenal bottled it
  12. Lee Smith

    Homepage Article Rafael Benitez Appointed Everton Manager

    It’s either a very well programmed Bantz bot, or a Azul multi. I’m undecided.
  13. Lee Smith


    For Siggy hopefully
  14. Lee Smith


    He has a Law Degree from City of London Uni, and his previous positions include an Investment Analysis, Associate Lawyer, Advisor to the Commercial Director at Metalloinvest and a Global Partnership Consultant. Regardless of if he got a “leg-up” from his uncle through his family name, that’s a...
  15. Lee Smith

    Congratulations, you have unlocked Cult Hero Status

    The Straq. Utter turd, but boy did he seem to try his best and love this club in the short amount of time he was here.
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