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    2020/21 Andre Gomes

    Time to go. Peter Sutcliffe searching on a foggy night again.
  2. Lawrence

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    He had a game head on and not one of an actor.
  3. Lawrence

    The Referee

    the second goal cost me fifty odd quid but I dont care we needed that. Saved a nervous last 10 minutes.
  4. Lawrence

    2020/21 Josh King

    I see some of Brett Angel in him. Or am I thinking of our 45 million man.
  5. Lawrence

    2020/21 Andre Gomes

    Like Peter Sutcliffe on a foggy night.
  6. Lawrence

    Leon Osman

    Typical Moyes-Kenwright Era. Plucky, OK, Penknife to the gunfight. Maybe didn't ask for too much dosh.
  7. Lawrence

    The Latch

    Many of us of a certain vintage just about had Alan Ball and a great side as our heroes before it was all taken away. My years at "big school" as an Evertonian coincided with the rot setting in. The superstar we had was The Latch, better in my eyes than Sharpy ever was or Joe Royle. The sad...
  8. Lawrence

    Match Thread Wolves v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    The lucky man of Marmaris will come good tomorrow. The new Latchford.
  9. Lawrence

    Media Bias and its effect if any on Overall Outcome.

    The worst is when they wheel out Bitter Barnes, how it detest that man.
  10. Lawrence

    Players you were wrong about

    Bernie Wright. Harry Catterick said he would be the next golden vision, then Bernie lost his contact lenses. Trevor Steven, exceeded all initial expectations.
  11. Lawrence

    2020/21 Andre Gomes

    He is shot
  12. Lawrence

    2020/21 Cenk Tosun

    Wigan with his bus fare there.
  13. Lawrence

    2020/21 Bernard

    Expensive squad luxury player, needs to go.
  14. Lawrence

    Name the best Everton lineup you’ve seen in your lifetime

    GK: Southall RB:T Wright LB: P VDH CB: Ratcliffe CB: Labone (Capt) RM: Steven CM: Ball CM: Dobson LM: Sheedy CF: Latchford IF: Lineker
  15. Lawrence

    Our worst signings

    Bill Kenwright
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