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  1. Jim Hopper

    2020/21 Lucas Digne

    With the way we play Ancelotti has to play Nkounkou now.
  2. Jim Hopper

    2020/21 Alex Iwobi

    Thought he had a good first half yesterday first time in a long time seen him look confident running at the opposition with the ball, he made some great runs and put in some decent crosses, dare I say we have finally found a decent position for him to play for us?
  3. Jim Hopper

    2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

    I don’t know what they work on in training but the defensive issues need to be addressed. It’s criminal how easy it’s becoming for the opposition to just walk right to the edge of our own penalty area. Wasn’t the reason we signed more midfielders to put a stop to this happening? We can’t keep...
  4. Jim Hopper

    Match Thread Fulham v Everton (Sunday 22 Nov 12:00)

    Didn’t see the second half but if we were as shocking as it sounds and we still came away with 3 points I suppose that’s a positive to take.
  5. Jim Hopper

    2020/21 Richarlison

    He will make it to the very top no doubt about that. He has the ambition and attitude to do it. He’s still only young in footballing terms as well so he’s only gonna get better. Hopefully it can be with us but regardless he will make it to the top.
  6. Jim Hopper

    2020/21 Richarlison

    He’s just on a completely different level to the rest. It’s not even just about what he brings going forward, his willingness to get back and help out defensively and get stuck in and his overall work rate is extraordinary.
  7. Jim Hopper

    Match Thread Fulham v Everton (Sunday 22 Nov 12:00)

    Missed the second half and glad I did by the sounds of things. Offensively we were great in that first half, albeit against a crap Fulham defence but nonetheless it was good to see us looking good getting forward again, something we haven’t looked well doing over the last 3 games. Really not...
  8. Jim Hopper

    Match Thread Fulham v Everton (Sunday 22 Nov 12:00)

    I think I could take to Iwobi playing on the right, looks a bit more comfortable out there, he’s put in some decent balls.
  9. Jim Hopper

    Match Thread Fulham v Everton (Sunday 22 Nov 12:00)

    Rodriguez doing Rodriguez things getting me hard watching this.
  10. Jim Hopper

    2020/21 Richarlison

    International football ruins everyting.
  11. Jim Hopper

    Everton January transfer window 2021

    He’s not top class but we already have one of those players in Richarlison.
  12. Jim Hopper

    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Fair enough I don’t really watch much U23s. Just see that he scores quite a lot and think surely he’s deserving of a chance but sure the manager knows more than me. Just can’t stand the fact Tosun is still at our club getting minutes. Every time I see him I’m reminded that Sam Allardyce was once...
  13. Jim Hopper

    2020/21 Anthony Gordon

    Great assist there for the lad like. Hopefully using these games to show Ancellotti he should be at least on the bench.
  14. Jim Hopper

    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Simms smashing goals in for U23s and we’re still giving Sam Allardyce’s Cenk Tosun minutes. Mad world.
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