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    jackyboy reacted to Jacko93's post in the thread New Stadium Discussion with Like Like.
    Absolute codswhallop. The contract for LoR has been signed. Do not believe a single word of this.
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    jackyboy replied to the thread Jonjoe Kenny.
    Absolutely not
  • jackyboy
    jackyboy reacted to Walken's post in the thread Jonjoe Kenny with Like Like.
    Plays like he a rb from another era, and not in a good way. Enjoy the championship JJ
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    jackyboy reacted to Stephenlloyd's post in the thread Summer 2020 transfer window with Like Like.
    I think Gomes and Davies would get destroyed most weeks in the prem as our midfield 2. Both lack strength, poor defensively and both look quite slow. In a 442. I would sacrifice a little bit of quality, for 2 midfielders, that have power...
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