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    New CB Signing: Gabriel (Lille)

    @Toffeenut was all over this a couple of days ago...
  2. ilikecheese

    Design a mascot

    I still can't find the one I'm thinking about but this was a helluva contribution from @Layne.
  3. ilikecheese

    Design a mascot

    Penises...lots and lots of penises.
  4. ilikecheese

    Design a mascot

    Oh yeah I remember that one. I think Tubes did the one I'm talking about. Definitely there was an owl involved.
  5. ilikecheese

    Design a mascot

    Was it @Prevenger17 or @Tubey that did the magnificent owl/bear crest. Can't find it. Surely there was a boss mascot in that.
  6. ilikecheese

    Best ever bald Evertonian? And why was it Lee Carsley?

    Lukaku seemed almost bald after he binned the dreads. It just about counts. Carsley for me if I'm honest.
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