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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    To put this in even more context, the contract we have just bought him out of still had a release clause of €100m. £22m.
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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    Gonna have to go and have a good hard long watch of that
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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    For context, Steve Walsh got Bolasie for £30m
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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    Sorry I had to go and have a think about that. Seriously though, £22m - that’s a steal.
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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    Me and the wife are both marrying him too
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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    Winner winner meat pie dinner
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    Summer BLAMMO window 2019/20

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    Don’t throw insults about please, but I agree with the general point. Pre-season is for fitness for me.
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    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I said this to @Eggs a while ago.
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    2018/19 Sandro Ramirez

    Dunno y’know mate, he’s certainly not the opposite of crap.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    BMD is exactly one mile from the Liver Buildings, and the same distance from Sandhills stations as Goodison is.
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    Andre Gomes Sweepstake

    After the first game of the season, that he’ll have played in.
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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    I see that’s got Gomes on as a squad member but not Vlasic. That bodes well.
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    Have a laugh by all means, but don’t do it through those methods. I’ll be honest I’m not impressed.
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    It shows human nature of always wanting more actually.