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    garyw replied to the thread Everton Head Office.
    Here he is
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    garyw reacted to mccole's post in the thread Farhad Moshirì with Like Like.
    We don't need an overhaul, we need to change our mentally. Players react to Management not the other way around. Carlo has been here a couple of months and already you see an improvement in players and even players who have struggled are...
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    With a bow legged chicken & a knocked kneed hen I haven’t lost a fight since I don’t know we walk with wiggle & a wiggle & a squark doin the Everton boot walk nan na nan na nan nan na doin the Everton boot walk
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    garyw replied to the thread Gazza at Everton.
    He has since admitted he was still drunk when he played in that game
  • garyw
    Alan Ball who at 60 would still be better than any listed
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