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    the relationship between the everton and their young players

    Don’t care about age. The bar is the same height for everyone who steps over the white line
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    Who is sponsoring the keys ?
  3. formerly manx toffee

    2019/20 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    I am happy if he doesn’t play that well but scores. If he can do that consistently 20 times a season I’m in
  4. formerly manx toffee

    2019/20 Fabian Delph

    Not convinced that second yellow was even a foul
  5. formerly manx toffee

    Media attitude towards Everton.

    15 games. Left season after, played 2 games then off to Maidenhead.
  6. formerly manx toffee

    Media attitude towards Everton.

    Who cares. Tony Gale wasn’t exactly a top player. Just a nobody
  7. formerly manx toffee

    Our away record in numbers..

    I feel more at home in this thread than the positivity thread right now. Jesus that first post made me wince
  8. formerly manx toffee

    John Stones

    Is he better than what we have. I think he probably is
  9. formerly manx toffee

    Where will we finish?

    Four points off sixth place. I will take the half full view and say I think we will gradually reel in a few of those teams above us. I voted top 10 a while ago, probably could be convinced of 7th at this point
  10. formerly manx toffee

    Come on lads, it's time for the wailing an gnashing of teeth to stop.

    absolute shower of p*** taking f*******
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