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    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    ….yep, whilst the manager is an important component it really is about quality of players and depth in the squad.
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    2021/22 Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    ….understand Gbamin has impressed the coaches in training. Disappointing that isn’t translating itself to involvement in the team.
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    2021/22 Cenk Tosun

    ….I think Moshiri is on record as saying he brought Tosun to the club. Interesting what the new manager thinks of him.
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    ….not too bad if that happens. I remember Chelsea looking unbeatable at the start of a season a number of years ago but their form fell away significantly. its a long old season and although Chelsea look terrific, it’s hard to maintain standards for that long.
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    Everton Jan 2022 transfer thread

    ….I thought he was terrific for Fulham last season & I’m not surprised a decent team have taken a punt on him. He seems a strange character but he’s certainly talented, his days here were difficult and that ship has certainly sailed.
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    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    …ridiculous profiling how many points we’re heading for after so few games. It’s a bit like saying if you win your first game, you’re ‘on course’ for 114 points. Brighton must be very giddy given your reasoning. You can keep looking adoringly at the picture of Benitez next to your bed, but I...
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    Match Thread: Queens Park Rangers v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    …if Godfrey needs games to get up to speed, then he should start. I can see Holgate starting. We need to win the game, we’ll need threat up front. I think we have to be as strong as possible in the attacking third.
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    Marcel Brands

    ….if you buy ordinary players for extraordinary amounts of money & put them on superstar contracts they become impossible to shift. It’s not rocket science. The issue is buying poor quality rather than not being able to shift it.
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    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    ….I really don’t get that blanket statement about ‘never any value in January’. Surely if the player you want is available and they improve the team then they represent value. Can’t see why Patterson would be good if signed in the summer but not if signed in January.
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    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    …if we win it’s not down to the Manager, if we lose it’s not down to the Manager. it’s usually down to footballers. Sadly, Benitez is becoming the personification of Everton Football Club. i didn’t want him here but I‘m not a detractor nor am I with his group of hero worshipping luvvies. I’m...
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    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    ….I need a rum, this love-in from a few on here makes me feel uneasy.
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    2021/22 Alex Iwobi

    ….great opportunity for him yesterday but I don’t think he took it. I was disappointed with his display, I thought he’d contribute more.
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    Match Thread: Queens Park Rangers v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    ….I guarantee we would get beat. The U23 have a poor record when playing open-age football, it really would be suicide. Fans deserve better than submission, particularly those who travel.
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    Match Thread: Queens Park Rangers v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    ….tough tie but we should be better than QPR. Important we stay in the cups.
  15. Eggs

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    …there will always be some for and there will always be some against, that’s the way it is. Its clear that you’re also smitten, just don’t get yourself too upset with the opinion of others.
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