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    Player contract expiry dates

    Wonder if Virginia will be offered a new deal
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    One Question

    Carlo. why would you do this to yourself?
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    2019/20 Cenk Tosun

    Even the Turks have realised he's crap.
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    Transfer Rumour Allan

    Brings back memories of when Steve Walsh was sent to scout Italy & spent the whole time sunbathing
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    2019/20 Jordan Pickford

    Play Mina in goal next season, he'd do a better job
  6. efcjames

    2019/20 Morgan Schneiderlin

    Ancelotti was apparently outraged that Brands let him go & decided to sign him back
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    Best Foreign (non British/Irish) Signing ?

    Arouna Kone
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    stones and barkley

    Ross Barkley is a disgusting little rat, rather bring Sammy Lee back than have him here
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    What does Everton FC mean to you

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    £100m: Who would you buy?

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    Where's the money Bill
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    Font on shirts

    Arsenal's looks like it's from GTA San Andreas
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    Wasn't he woeful for Villa in the Championship?
  15. efcjames

    Sergio Reguilon

    He seems like a very decent player, no chance he'd come here to be backup.
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