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    Everton Jan 2022 transfer thread

    I read one of Esk's articles, he speculates that the Prem may already have placed restrictions on our transfer business, with the Prem possibly even having a veto over our potential transfers, or we at least need to adhere to an already stipulated agreement that our expenditure must match our...
  2. Dymak

    Kia Joorabchian

    As if they're the embarrassment. If they'd been listened to regarding the appointment of Benitez then we wouldn't be in this mess right now.
  3. Dymak

    Vitor Pereira

  4. Dymak

    Everton Jan 2022 transfer thread

    That loan deal for El Ghazi was mental. It needlessly hinders us by reducing the amount of prem loans we can have, and it's clear this is the market that we will operate in, that's if Moshiri hasn't totally given up already.
  5. Dymak

    Who's next after Benitez - Poll reset 25th Jan

    Consideration should be given to who a manager can attract. Playing under Lampard for six months could appeal to some players looking for a loan move, but I don't think playing for Pereira in a relegation dogfight has the same appeal. I think some players would rather avoid that headache.
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    Farhad Moshirì

    Do you remember when he tried to blag a loan from the council on the basis that Everton will never get relegated?
  7. Dymak

    Everton Jan 2022 transfer thread

    It's yet to be used against anyone.
  8. Dymak

    I'm scared right now

    I doubt he'd come back, but I'd definitely have him back. He's a much better candidate for the job at hand than any of the other names being considered. Indeed, the hiring of Sam Allardyce is probably the only managerial appointment that Moshiri has got right. I guess you could add Ancelotti to...
  9. Dymak

    Forum and fan leaders should set an example by being positive

    Win a game now and then and you will see some cheer, keep losing to bring about relegation and you won't.
  10. Dymak


    I think we will know if we stand a chance of staying up this time next week. If no decent players are added, then I see relegation as a certainty because our current squad is the worst in the league. A championship midfield with a championship defence that will end up in the championship.
  11. Dymak

    Everton Jan 2022 transfer thread

    The Monster looks good!
  12. Dymak

    Lamps or VP

    Get Fronk in.
  13. Dymak

    Kia Joorabchian

    Lazy layabout freeloader!
  14. Dymak

    Kia make better cars than agents who is with me

    I'm with you.
  15. Dymak

    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    If you needed an excuse to sack this project off, what would it be?
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