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    Famous Everton fans

    Half n half? (near the end)
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    Famous Everton fans

    Has anyone mentioned Riddick Bowe?
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    Goodison in the 1980s

    Wouldn't have ever thought the 'blue wall' (first time i've ever heard that) was a cool thing. Would have much rather had the double decker stand as below but by the time I started going it was bricked up. Safety reasons. Total shame they didn't build a proper double decker in 94. #lacked ambition
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    Famous Everton fans

    It was only a couple of years or so ago and it was an Everton pennant
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    A Message to all Evertonians

    Still irks me the headed goal at Anfield I was in the kop that day we should have won ended 1-1. Why do we get so many goals chalked out 77 semi Don Hutchison Ferguson v Villareal and the last one against Man Utd to name just a few
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    Gareth Bale

    Stood next to him (Willem Dafoe) Stood next to him (Willem Dafoe) on a New York Subway train me and my mate knew who he was but couldn't think of his name and he smirked. Just after he played the goblin in Spiderman
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    Club Statement: Coronavirus

    I did say in an earlier post that the RS will still want the season completed even if it's June 2021. It's dawned on me that as everyone's debating when things may or may not get back to normal (for football) 'what if' season 2020-21 is overlooked and by this time next year it's safe? Do they...
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    Which Merseyside district produces most Everton players;

    I'm too young to know who played for the first team! Forgot Lawrie Carberry (played for Ipswich)
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    Which Merseyside district produces most Everton players;

    That's right. Gerald Tansey also from Sillys. Quite a mix from the Vauxhall area the red shyte had Jimmy Melia and Bobby Campbell (former Chelsea manager) who were from St Anthony's.
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    Of interest?Title winning day pre match 1985.

    Can't remember pre-match just remember seeing us parade the trophy from the street end. Remember 86 a little more (6-1 v Southampton, everyone thought Chelsea were beating the RS but nevermind). And 87 v Luton singing 'champions' 'champions' 'champions'
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    Famous Everton fans

    Perish the thought. Kopite
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    Famous Everton fans

    Can't beat this. Bill Dean and Ken Jones in it, don't know the others. I think Gordon Honeycombe is reading the full time scores. What's our name?!
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    Famous Everton fans

    Never put two and two together Andy. Great actor. Just listening to Talking the Blues (Man U) He'd be best placed to confirm if Willy Russell is a blue I think he is.
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    Club Statement: Coronavirus

    Did I just hear Gove right about the virus, when things will get better I presume, not being a "fixed date", like Easter..
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    What happened in 1914 and 1939 how did they deal with that

    It's a moot point just like now, football back then suspended because of the wars, it was more important to fight fascism. Though it never gets brought up in the media. Even when it was, only a week or so ago, they talked about Blackpool who were leading in 39/40 after 3 games. They don't ever...
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