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    2020/21 Abdoulaye Doucouré

    2 seasons of scouting minimum btw. If he doesn't improve serious questions have to be asked of Brands. I like him when he's on form but games like today are becoming too common.
  2. DaChunk

    2020/21 Alex Iwobi

    How bad is Iwobi by the way?
  3. DaChunk

    2020/21 Marcel Brands

    Enjoy your January holiday as we plummet down the table watching Delph and Gomes struggle to run every week.
  4. DaChunk

    Match Thread Everton v Leeds United - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    I don't know how much energy I have left for this awful team. How many more years of misery christ.
  5. DaChunk

    2020/21 Abdoulaye Doucouré

    I've said it before and everyone decided to shut me down, but I'll say it again. Doucoure has Lukaku's first touch. It's frightening having a midfielder who doesn't know where the ball will ping off.
  6. DaChunk

    Match Thread Everton v Leeds United - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Win this and we're a top 6 team, lose and we're top 10.
  7. DaChunk

    Everton January transfer window 2021

    Alli is exactly what we don't need. Another Iwobi or Delph type coming here for a payday. We need winners with ambition not more big club outcasts looking for an easy ride ffs.
  8. DaChunk

    2020/21 Niels Nkounkou

    This hasn't been in question since he captained Siggy the other week.
  9. DaChunk

    2020/21 Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    He hasn't been in any update videos on ig recently.... Hopefully he's ok
  10. DaChunk

    Thierry Small

    More chance of Baines signing a 6 month deal.
  11. DaChunk

    2020/21 Lucas Digne

    Niels might suit a LWB role. All we can do is hope he smashes it and pray Carlo doesn't play Siggy or Delph in that position.
  12. DaChunk

    2020/21 Lucas Digne

    We really wont sadly mate. Dignes role is vital to creating chances.
  13. DaChunk

    2020/21 Lucas Digne

    Of course
  14. DaChunk

    2020/21 James Rodriguez

  15. DaChunk

    2020/21 James Rodriguez

    Doesn't the radical worshipper of Siggurdson on twitter claim he had about 30 pre-assists last season?
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