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    2022/23 James Garner

    Couldn’t have said that 12 months ago, anyone would have improved that midfield.
  2. COYB75

    win things

    Not denying the WUM though.
  3. COYB75

    The case for the defence...

    Best Prem full back in the last 30 years so glad our boys have him there to learn from.
  4. COYB75

    win things

    WUM and is that RS I smell?!? 👃
  5. COYB75

    Match Thread Arsenal v Everton - To Be Re-arranged.

    With our new central defence and midfield we'll be bullying them off the pitch. 0-2 to Everton. Begovic will have time for a nap in this one. COYB
  6. COYB75

    2022/23 Neal Maupay

    A few long standing ones on here sadly. Imagine having nothing better to do with your time.
  7. COYB75

    2022/23 Frank Lampard

    We now have real options for the Captain’s armband, when last season we probably had none. Agree that he shouldn’t be the captain going forwards. Let his contract run down and give him a good send-off.
  8. COYB75

    2022/23 Alex Iwobi

    I agree, I think it's more likely Allan and Doucs will get moved on. Davies will be less terrified of making a howler playing alongside any two of Iwobi, Gana and Onana. Who knows maybe Frank can get him playing at a decent level consistently for the first time in his Everton career.
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    2022/23 Alex Iwobi

    I was definitely part of that 99.9%. Fittest player in the team and undroppable from the midfield. Let’s not push him out wide to make way for others, him Onana and Gana are a real threat.
  10. COYB75

    2022/23 Frank Lampard

    Spent the game in my local as the only blue surrounded by RS. Loved every minute, as we actually competed in a derby and there are real signs of improvement from virtually every player. Even coped with the disappointment of thinking we’d got a goal only for VAR to tear it’s stupid big head...
  11. COYB75

    2022/23 Alex Iwobi

    Unless your name is Dele, as even Frank balked at that challenge.
  12. COYB75

    2022/23 Alex Iwobi

    Best outfield player, also well impressed with Patterson.
  13. COYB75

    Match Thread Everton v Them - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll

    Not sure we can afford the lengthy ban if he does, but I like your strong-arm tactics! 💪
  14. COYB75

    Transfer Window rating

    Worst midfield in living memory for the last few seasons. Optimistic that with it now being addressed we will have much better quality of possession and not roll over time and time again. Central defence is 100% better. Not overly disappointed. I’ll be generous with a 7.
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