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    The New Kit

    similar themes to the new head office
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    1995-2020 = the longest barren spell without silverware in Everton's history

    You make some very good points... Let's hope we get quality additions in over the summer and really kick on. Btw, my "what you're having comment" was a nod to your optimism amidst a tough few weeks for us blues, nothing else
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    "You think this is bad son?..."

    Davies I think was a Moyes signing.. so Gazza and Ginola would've already been out the door I think.
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    2018/19 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    That's a far too sensible post to be put in this thread!
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    Old Everton Pictures

    But strangely our pictures are at the top, theirs at the bottom
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    Match Thread Cardiff City v Everton- Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Luckily this season 35 points will likely mean safety, so much rubbish at the bottom of the table
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    Old Everton Pictures

    Comfortable too. Quite like the lower bullens, at the front there's some great seats. Always wondered why there's rows of seats missing in certain places of it, I guess it's because it was originally made for standing so the steps don't line up with where the seats would be attached to.
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    Old Everton Pictures

    I presume that's the bullens rd? Didn't know it was standing in the lower bullens section in the past.
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    Match Thread Everton v Tottenham Hotspur - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll

    I hope you put a few quid on this
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    Match Thread Everton v Watford - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Come on Cenk.. this is your moment
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    Match Thread Everton v Watford - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Was a long time coming. Mountain to climb now.
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    Easily Forgotten Everton Players

    Best goal celebration though
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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    Got a horrible feeling we're all going to end up heartbroken over this one... Hope I'm wrong of course