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    Young EFC Players Out On Loan 2020-21

    Agree with that. To think there were people who were claiming him and Gibson were good options for back up and questioning the signing of Godfrey.
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    What would u call BRAMLEY Moore docks

    The Fourth Grace and stick a massive blue Liver bird on top of it.
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    I can only talk about the stuff I listen to but.... Wolves barely get a mention these days. There was a lot of praise last year because it was an impressive rise from the Championship into Europe and their relationship with Portuguese agents was often talked of. This season the talk was about...
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    This. A lot of blues seem to get incredibly upset that neutrals seem to view Everton pretty neutrally. From the outside we're really not that interesting a club. We have good runs of form, we have bad runs of form and then finish somewhere just outside the top 6 and win nothing. But some...
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    Farhad Moshirì

    For me the only major gaffe that should truly have been avoided was appointing a scout as a DOF. Managerial appointments are always a gamble and while people may not agree with them it's usually a matter of opinion. He's shown that in those circumstances he's willing to realise things aren't...
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    First Match at Bramley Moore ?

    Knockout tournament featuring the four longest established clubs in the surrounding area plus 4 clubs from foreign climes with links to Everton's history... Everton, Tranmere, Southport and Prescot Cables would represent the senior Merseyside clubs.
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    Transfer Rumour Maximillian James Aarons

    Not sure - £35M barely raises an eyebrow these days. They dropped 80M euros on a defender a couple of years back so aren't shy of huge transfers.
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    Transfer Rumour Maximillian James Aarons

    Thankfully the scouting set-up probably does a bit more work than this. You don't watch the game when scouting a player. You watch the player. That's why they still go to the ground rather than just settle on the couch with the highlights and a Youtube compilation.
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    Farhad Moshirì

    They'll write him off as a puppet and claim Usmanov is bailing him out after seeing him flounder. Redefining their statements to suit the narrative. They also do it when attributing signings to certain members of staff and then changing who it was as players succeed or fail. Anything but admit...
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    Rio Ferdinand with Holgate and Godfrey

    Football has a habit of surprising though and although everything seems in place for stability regarding Ancelotti I would hesitate to believe it means the next few years won't throw a few curveballs. Until we have actually shown that stability and consistency for a period of time I don't think...
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    Rio Ferdinand with Holgate and Godfrey

    We've changed managers more often than Man Utd over the years.
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    Duncan and Carlo Relationship

    I'm fully in agreement here Dave about how a manager should act. The person in charge should be publicly calm, composed and measured at all times. Anything else is slightly undignified and unsuitable for the top job......
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    Media Bias and its effect if any on Overall Outcome.

    Probably the same 39% who think intent is required for a foul.
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    It's no coincidence that...

    Always been the same. Just a few more ways of getting there than jumping on the casting couch these days. Desperate aspiration to a vague ideal of "making it" isn't a modern phenomenon. There are plenty of people making nonsense on social media. A young woman making a few daft videos on her own...
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    Media Bias and its effect if any on Overall Outcome.

    Works both ways though. There are Everton fans who will ignore anything neutral or positive said about Everton as they're so fixed on listening for slights against Everton. There were some Blues fuming on Twitter about Ally McCoist during the City game. His crime apparently was praising City's...
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