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    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    It can't be Everton. Remember when we were sniffing round Tierney all the Celtic fans were saying it'd be a step down for him lol
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    Transfer Rumour Santiago Sosa

    Because they've never secured a work permit for a player, ever....oh wait Banega actually did get one. And the plan to loan out Onyekuru till he qualifies may have hit a bump with his head being turned by CL football but I reckon there's a tidy sum to be made which while not ideal certainly...
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    Transfer Rumour Santiago Sosa

    Exactly. It's the same route Watford successfully went down for Richarlison. It's a very regular occurrence in football. Plenty of other clubs go to WP appeals but since the finer details of other clubs transfers, or failed transfers, aren't of massive interest there's just a load of cry-arses...
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    Adolfo Gaich

    Maybe his grandad suddenly liked the idea of moving to South America around 1945 or so.
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    Matthew Pennington off to Stoke?

    Paid thousands of pounds per week to play football in the PL and Championship? I'd take that compliment.
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    Matthew Pennington off to Stoke?

    Has it changed in recent years? I thought wools were just those of us outside but close to Liverpool such as Sintellins, Warrington, Wigan etc - places where people might have moved to and/or worked in Liverpool with it being the local port. Always sounds a bit weird when I hear it aimed at...
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    Transfer Rumour Santiago Sosa

    Not straight away but there may be a chance on appeal. Points are awarded for the size of the fee, the standard of the league he's coming from, how much his contract would be worth and other things. He might even be able to acquire an EU passport if he is eligible for a second nationality -...
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    "You think this is bad son?..."

    You think this is bad son? I remember Stephen Hughes leaning on a tree and my username.
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    Truly world class.........?

    Far and away his best international tournament. Confirmed him as a player at the top table.
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    Truly world class.........?

    Not really. If merely playing for top teams is the barometer then we could include Jesper Blomqvist ( 90's AC Milan & Man Utd).
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    Released list

    Antonee Robinson has had a very good season in The Championship with Wigan by all accounts. Also broke into the USA senior side so he might be worth a shout for backup to Digne next season.
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    Confirmed Signing Jonas Lossl

    Brexit means Brexit!
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    Marcel Brands

    But Harry Wilson is a player who Liverpool rate very highly, recently gave a 5 year contract to and has a goal ratio better than 1 in 3 in the Championship at a very young age despite playing on the wing. The same division where players such as Bolassie couldn't hold down a regular first team...
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    Pl Games on Amazon prime

    It does work like that though. Plenty of lower league sides get a noticeably larger crowd when the local PL team are playing away. I go to Prescot Cables and depending who out of Everton & RS are at home you see different lads there different weeks - a lot of people have a lower league side to...