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    Gareth Bale

    If he cuts off his man bob and stays fit then I'm not against this. Not holding my breath though.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    Depends who it is. Some people are plainly knowledgeable, while others just have an incredible knack of using lots of words to demonstrate their ignorance. Not really, but I do appreciate you being brief while saying next to nothing. ;)
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    Transfer Rumour Matías Vecino

    Until @Moomin breaks the news, I refuse to believe this.
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    Weak and and Feeble

    You're better better than this.
  5. Catfish Blues

    Guard of honour

    I think we should ask our friends at RAWK what they think.
  6. Catfish Blues

    2019/20 Lucas Digne

    If you know your history though ...
  7. Catfish Blues

    2019/20 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    He already has one mate. It's dead simple, but there's probably stuff on YouTube with it on from St James Park the other week
  8. Catfish Blues


    I think we're at cross purposes mate, I agree his value won't have any real effect on amortisation in the accounts just published, but the first post you quoted of mine was in response to @AndyC and we were discussing whether or not his transfer fee was included in the 19/20 accounts. I believe...
  9. Catfish Blues

    2019/20 Fabian Delph

    I suspect you set out yesterday to watch the match and were subconciously waiting for every mistake he made to reinforce your bias ? If you'd watched the second half objectively, I think you'd have come away with a different viewpoint, but that's sound, forums are all about opinions Says the...
  10. Catfish Blues

    2019/20 Fabian Delph

    He may be an arrogant four letter word. He may be a tit of the highest order. So he's unlikely to ever be loved by us. But, second half, though he made the odd mistake, he played well, and I'm old fashioned, and I like it when Everton players play well
  11. Catfish Blues

    Match Thread West Ham United v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Happy enough with a point. It was neither a great result, or a great performance, but we deserved a point, and are looking up the table rather than the direction we were looking not that long ago. I couldn't get there today, so safe journey back to all those who made the journey to the tarted...
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    I agree with on the amortisation, and, normally I'd agree with you on the contract start date, but the transfer window last Summer was unusual, in that it started on the 16th May Also, from the accounts which, unless the statement in the accounts is wrong, tells me he was recorded as being...
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    As predicted ! Cashflow - which, at 3.5% will equate to about 1.2 million. While we're on "Please Explains" Please explain why Moshiri has provided interest free loans of 350 million so far. Please explain why, up to the end of June, we've accrued costs of just under 19 million, and...
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    If you look at the accounts properly, roughly half of the interest charges is just down to how FRS 102 insists on dealing with the sales ( and purchases ) of players, and most of that half is balanced by interest received on the sales of player, so the 7 million figure, while accurate in...
  15. Catfish Blues

    New Stadium Discussion

    The club don't have to tell us diddly about the interest rate, but I think they'll give a reasonably precise figure, if not via the usual media routes, then at the next AGM.
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