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    Brotten reacted to davek's post in the thread It's typical but... with Like Like.
    Well, you just underlined why I'd defend him righ there. A man who did well then not so well. Any dismisal of him by the usual suspects as dire or a disaster is well wide of the mark and challengeable. His fisrt 18 months here is looking like a...
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    Brotten reacted to Miller1878's post in the thread 2019/20 Richarlison with Like Like.
    Not alone but he stunk the place out yesterday. And not the first time. I just don’t see this apparent “world class” player.
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    Brotten reacted to Wayno's post in the thread 2019/20 Marco Silva with Like Like.
    Theres a difference between applauding crap and not getting the hysterics on too early. You could see it in Koemans demeanour that he was bemused by it the first few games of his last season and how did it end up? In pure apathy. If any...
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