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    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    60 million wouldn’t even bring us to the negotiating table. Milan can’t afford him.
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    2018/19 Andre Gomes

    I’m clearly in the minority but I thought he was really poor yesterday.
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    2018/19 Marco Silva

    Two clean sheets on the bounce and we looked MUCH better at set pieces. Liverpool have scored more set piece goals than any other club but we dealt with every one they had yesterday brilliantly. Good to see the hard work is starting to pay off. Now need to keep it going
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    Match Thread Cardiff City v Everton- Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    No. Who else takes his place from our squad who is capable of slotting like he does? You just don’t drop a player who is capable of match winning moments because he hasn’t scored for a few games. You don’t like him, we all get it, but the bloke scores goals from midfield and is one of the best...
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    New Stadium Discussion

    It is. It’s all part of the planning application process to help ensure a positive outcome. They’re being thorough, and doing everything by the book to make sure it’s successful. Can you imagine if the club didn’t bother and just threw in a planning application which would then get rejected...
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    2018/19 Richarlison

    It annoys you that he’s scoring? What an utterly bizarre thing to say..
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    2018/19 Tom Davies

    That generally comes with experience to be fair. The kid is still only 20
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    A question to the most of the fans; Do you really think bringing a new manager would solve our problems?

    I agree. I actually think he should be given until the end of the season and then evaluate because we can’t be seen as a circus that changes managers so quickly without giving people time. But, there is no doubt that he isn’t doing his job very well at the moment. This group of players isn’t...
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    2018/19 Michael Keane

    He definitely has, which makes claims by some pre-games that they want a Zouma/Mina partnership utterly bizarre. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but it seems some are finding it impossible to forget his (admittedly) awful form last season. Having watched Keane all season, and...
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    General Meeting

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    2018/19 Michael Keane

    Was our best centre half most of the season, playing superbly. Then bafflingly gets dropped by Silva so he can shoehorn expensive new signings in and it seems to have had an adverse affect on his confidence. Daft from Silva, but Keane should also be made of sterner stuff than that, but it...
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    January 2019 Transfer Window

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    Match Thread Everton v Newcastle United - Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll

    I know Mina and Zouma are not slouches in the air, but Keane is the best centre half we have in the air. He’d have had Rondon in his pocket all night long.