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    Amanda Holden

    Not sure you understand that concept
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    2020/21 Niels Nkounkou

    Help us Niels Nkounkou. You are our only hope...
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    Match Thread Newcastle United v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    We'll absolutely smash these. 0-4 to the Everton
  4. AndyGray

    Should the club apologise to VVD?

  5. AndyGray

    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    All you need is VAR. Laughing my behinds off of the fuming kopites and doing my best to wind the [Phrase removed] up. Still #1
  6. AndyGray

    Goodison Matchday Routine

    09:00: Full English at the Marriott or The Liner 10:00: Buck GF passionately 10:05 Head into town 13:00 Fish & chips 14:00 Taxi to L4 14:15 Pint outside the ground 14:50 In our seats
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    Spirit of the Blues

  8. AndyGray

    Spirit of the Blues

    Great idea
  9. AndyGray

    Spirit of the Blues

    When Stallone visited Goodison Park (with a coat on and a scarf) someone made a video with Spirit of the Blues put up to the scene where Rocky runs around training, greeting kids etc. Was class then - but can't find it on Youtube anymore. Can some help or recreate it?
  10. AndyGray

    Where do you expect us to finish?

    62 points and 6th/7th
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