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    Everton Summer transfers 2021

    Tend to a agree. Think we'll probably end up with Dumfries.
  2. Amokachi1995

    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Sounds a bit like Cahill?
  3. Amokachi1995

    2020/21 James Rodriguez

    I assume those happy for James to go are taking the same approach as when you are going out with someone out of your league and you dump them before they can dump you - to save the hurt. Actively wanting James to leave because you think we can do better is madness.
  4. Amokachi1995

    Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

    Sounds like a really tough situation mate. But you seem to be thinking about it carefully and looking for the best for everyone, especially your son. Good luck.
  5. Amokachi1995

    Everton Summer transfers 2021

    Any goal keeper signing is boring, a reserve keeper especially so. We needed one though and Begovic is fine. Now go find a skillful winger.
  6. Amokachi1995

    Everton Summer transfers 2021

    Loved Ar tater. Don't think he fully recovered from that injury and wasn't the same player who went to Arsenal. Can't remember how we invested the money from his fee.
  7. Amokachi1995

    Everton Youth Teams Thread

    Leaving the bench half empty seemed madness. Don’t know if it was point scoring from Ancelotti or some kind of Covid protocol but there seemed plenty of opportunity to get someone like Broadhead or Simms exposure - even if just to inflate a sale price.
  8. Amokachi1995

    2020/21 Yerry Mina

    I wonder if that spat between Messi and Yerry ends our chances of signing the little Argentinian on a free?
  9. Amokachi1995

    2020/21 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Writing was on the wall when he didn't come on against Scotland. Think he gives something that none of the other players have and should be in the squad.
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    Have you ever seen Everton lift a trophy?

    I remember my dad telling me we had won the league in 1987 and I took the news on board the same as being told it was chips for tea. 1995 was great for many reasons including the seldom mentioned vinny samways inspired charity shield.
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    Fat Spanish Gobsh........Yay/Nay??

    Big no from me for all the reasons everyone has stated with the small club thing being about 8th on the list. If he does get it I'll want him to succeed because I want Everton to succeed. But I'll be expecting the worst.
  12. Amokachi1995

    New Everton Manager

    I can understand the parallels you've drawn to Ancelotti mate but I actually think Benitez is closer to Pelligrini by way of comparison - who i also wouldn't be happy with. Ultimately, like you, I just want the team to do well. Benitez being the manager wouldn't cheapen a trophy win for...
  13. Amokachi1995

    New Everton Manager

    I saw a headline saying offensive sign seen outside Goodison, with a picture of the Benitez Not Welcome sheet. Tbh I thought that was pretty tame. Now I've just seen the other one......!
  14. Amokachi1995

    New Everton Manager

    I’m working on the no news is good news theory at the moment.
  15. Amokachi1995

    New Everton Manager

    I'm starting now BOOOOOOOOOOOO.
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