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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!

    Highly unlikely to be enough for a big away. First 5/6 will be based on the season just gone so that will give you an idea.... was 8 enough to get you to any of the last 4 aways in London?
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    New Stadium Discussion

    I was the epitome of charm and reason mate as you would expect!!
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    New Stadium Discussion

    I liked the stadium today. It is quite easy on the eye and obviously 60k people make quite a lot of noise. But it did not feel particularly intimidating. I was also surprised there was no white seats to read the name Spurs or THFC or whatever in white to contrast with the blue in the home end...
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    GrandOldTeam nominated for Best Forum

    Merde alors!!!!!! Bravo!!!
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    "Watch Classic Matches Again"

    Clearing out the garage and pondering what to do with old VHS tapes of various Everton matches tapes from MOTD etc. Don’t have any means of playing them. Any market for them? Any (sensible!!) ideas?
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    Appreciation and thank-you;

    I would like to thank the contributors to the EU in or out thread. Too many to specify really. A very touchy subject of course and tempers have frayed from time to time but it has been a massive source of information. Merci beaucoup!
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    Z-cars sirens

    Mind you that was when an O level was worth an O level if you get my drift!! Bonne nuit et dormez bien!!
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    Z-cars sirens

    Très bien mon ami!!!!! At the risk of overdoing it I think they would make coup plural in coup de chapeau rather than chapeau if they were dishing out more than one of them. Not detracting from your original posts which raised a big smile!!
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    Z-cars sirens

    Chapeau!!!!!!! I think !!!!!!
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    Holy Trinity Statue

    It is a good monument to them but the iconic version would have been better imo.
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    News of Ex Players

    Did they have a young lad called Dean ever play for them??? @shagpuss
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    Everton's poor record in Europe since 1963

    I am looking forward to reading this. Interestingly back in the 60s when I was a kid my dad was very lukewarm about the relatively new European Competitions and laughed at Shankly and co getting so enthusiastic about them. It contradicted his pride at Everton going around the world to spread the...
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    Match Thread Everton v Manchester United - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Blimey that was fun!! A bit gutted we did not get a 5th to repeat October 1984 but that will do for me. Which one is the real Everton????? Last week or this!! Answer atm is both but the more we can produce like today the more usual it will become... COYB!!
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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!

    Got mine this morning.
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    Old Everton Pictures

    A 7 months pregnant Madame Allezlesbleus is at the very back stood on a seat!!!! We would go mad if said sprog tried that today!!! Different times!!