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    2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

    So on the one hand you’re saying we have a losers mentality yet we’ve brought in one of the most successful football managers ever, who you say (in your previous post) doesn’t seem like the right fit? Which is it to be mate you can’t get much more of a winner than Carlo Ancelotti
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    Match Thread Everton v Manchester United - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    In fairness there’s no way Gomes could have started after that abysmal showing at Newcastle last week
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    Anyone still got their ticket from Man City 2 Everton 5 May 1993...!?

    The away end was bouncing that day to a certain song about Graeme Souness!
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    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    Absolute pony
  5. adi dassler

    Match Thread Everton v Salford City, Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    We haven't won anything for 25 years mate. No trophy is worthless with a record like that.
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    Francis Jeffers

    he was acting like that long before his move to Arsenal mate. Remember him demanding a transfer on the eve of the 99-00 season after having played about 10 games. Seen him out in town a lot around that time too acting the whopper
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    2019/20 Jordan Pickford

    The main asset required for a keeper who plays in a top team that rarely get troubled is concentration as they need to be alert when called upon after long periods of doing nothing. This balloon lacks concentration in abundance.
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    New Stadium Discussion

    I'm surprised he wasn't retained Client side by Everton though as concept Architect to ultimately oversee the Delivery Architect's detailed drawings to ensure the concept isn't deviated from too much. Unless like others have said initial cost plans from Laing indicate the design is £xxx over...
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    The Derby -Vandalism

    They've actually only beat us at Goodison once since 2011*. I'd imagine that is one of the poorest records they have of winning at any ground in the league to be honest. *Obviously they were games played with a full Goodison.
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    The Derby -Vandalism

    I agree completely regarding advantage being lost regarding removal of the fans from the ground. However there is nothing we can do about that with the current situation and the fact football is being forced back at all costs. What we can do something about is insist the game remains at GP...
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    The Derby -Vandalism

    Really?? You don't think they'd have a field day exploiting the huge open spaces behind Michael Keane on a Wembley pitch? Doesn't make sense to me that.
  12. adi dassler

    The Derby -Vandalism

    If you re-read my post you will see that i've said we lose the advantage of having the crowd there (which is unfair and not in keeping with the intentions of the competition at the outset. However we would obviously be at even more of a disadvantage if we played them somewhere away from our...
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    The Derby -Vandalism

    It should be played at Goodison. We’re already losing the advantage of having a crowd there, why give the horrible tw*ts even more advantage by playing at Wembley or somewhere like that? Everton should stand firm on this. If the fixture can’t be played at GP on safety grounds because their fans...
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    Old School 1970's EFC player chants.

    60's chant from the brilliant Golden Vision film: When you hear the coppers shout, hey put the candle out We are the Goodison Gang We have no manners we spend our tanners, we are respected wherever we may go Marching down the Goodison Road All the windows open wide When you hear the coppers...
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    This weeks full game

    Super Kev and Don Hutch were on fire that game!
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