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    Transfer Rumour Malcom

    I knew a Malcolm from school. Slept with his eyes open. Proper scary freak.
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    2017/18 Ashley Williams

    Has he done one yet?
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    2017/18 Wayne Rooney

    He's just not good enough anymore to play full games or even possibly games in a row. He's lost his pace and his passing is inconsistent. Mix this up with a couple of flashes of brilliance since returning and it doesn't add up to what he's getting paid. He left us and gave his better years to...
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    BFS, Brand... Next announcement is...

    Getting ripped into a trans-dimensional wormhole and arriving back at 30th November 2017.
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    Homepage Update: Everton Brands Appointment Confirmed

    This can only get better by the immediate chopping out of all the dry rot elsewhere. Squad, Kenwright, anybody know if Ferguson got the hook too?
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    Homepage Update: Everton Brands Appointment Confirmed

    I don't think there's anything wrong with what we do with the youth. As for the other 2 bring it on.
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    Homepage Update: Everton Brands Appointment Confirmed

    Oh God. I had literally just stopped ejaculating. Now I am gushing again. Will the good news ever end?
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    Homepage Update: Everton Sack Sam Allardyce

    Depends on the contract.
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    Homepage Update: Everton Sack Sam Allardyce

    I cannot stop ejaculating.
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    Homepage Update: Sam Allardyce will leave Everton within 24 hours

    Like he even cares. He'll spread it on like he's the Saviour of Everton Football Club and get punditry godlike status again for a job he wasn't even needed for. The spoils? Close to 8 -10 million quid for half a season. Good work if you can drink a pint of gravy for it.
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    Hypothetical Manager Shortlist No.1

    I'm starting to feel more like I want Arteta. In think most of our options wouldn't come to us bar Silva and I for one don't want or believe he is any good. I'd prefer Arteta over Dyche or Howe who realistically are within reach. Even chucking an incredible salary at Wenger or Ancelotti etc...
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    Homepage Update: Sam Allardyce will leave Everton within 24 hours

    Biggest payoff in Bisto history...
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    Allardyce Sacking Time Sweepstake

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    Who gets a reprieve?

    Keepers 4 Pickford Robles (leaving on a free) Stekelenburg Hewelt Defenders 13 Baines Keane Williams Jagielka Coleman Mori Browning Galloway Garbutt Pennington Cuco Holgate Kenny Midfielders 9 Schneiderlin Rooney McCarthy Gana Baningime Klaassen Besic Davies Grant Attacking Midfielders 8...
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    Question of Support

    Wear your Blue and peruse which of the Manchester team you will more than likely see wearing the same Blue when they are past their sell by date.
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