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    1. Reidy's Bottle Of Grecian
    2. MickM86
      Great advice mate, thanks. I do feel like I can take on any role asked of me, I feel like I can adapt and get myself into character quite easy. I think the mindset I have, if you told me to play a certain character, within seconds I will have convinced myself I'm really that person. I've never done an audition for a role, last night I was watching audition videos and getting a better idea about it. I just need a lot of practice as you suggested. I'm not the type of person to overact either, I feel like I can pull it off like its natural. I understand there'll be a lot of rejection but I can dust myself down and go for the next one. What would you say is a good way to learn lines? I need to do something to get other people's opinions also.

    3. MickM86
      Hi mate, yea I'm serious about acting and performing arts. I haven't done anything for over 10 years and I'm basically starting from scratch. I'm willing to learn and will be happy to hear your advice. I wish I picked it up sooner but I suppose it's not too late. Are you in the business yourself?

    4. Alio
      Fantastic stuff as always dude
    5. micknick
      Can you still access the forum supporters area? Its because you havent paid to subscribe and have a joint membership of that makes sense.
    6. teppic
      Hope all is well Macca.
    7. micknick
      Not booted out mate, just subscription ran out. Ill sort now
    8. Tubey
    9. EFCNIK
      Oh right yeah I remember. Hahaha no I can assure you I'm not that person, I don't actually have any alter ego's/ other accounts. Yet...
    10. EFCNIK
      What what what? What did it say? Cant remember? If it was neg it was meant to be pos so sorrrrry!
    11. chicoazul
      Hang on, it's your birthday. ALL THE BEST BIG FELLA!
    12. chicoazul
      Cheers for the nice comments lid. As long as we still got the retro crew that's all that matters!
    13. McBain
      Jesus mate, short and sweet. Stick around mate! Check in from time to time eh?
    14. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Ok if you find it LET ME KNOW !!!

      Yeah , I dont Post anymore .. I just come on for messages really .Havent started a Thread since Feb or something .. Im kinda done , Methinks ...
    15. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Dude , Im thinking of closing this account down next week ...

      If I do , just email , Brother .. I gotta get this to You , Lid !!!
    16. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Nah , Kid .

      Its OK . I just feel terrible . Ive had it for weeks now ..

      Im lookin' at £30 Id say ... Im not gettin' that a week right now , Dude ..

      Leave it with , D .

      Ill get there ...
    17. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Mornin' , McBrother-Man ..

      Listen , Kid . Gonna try an' send this today/tomorra .

      Sorry its late , D'.. Im kinda potless . You know the score . I WILL try an' sort it tho , Kid .

      Love to McBrood ...
    18. Hibbo
      Hey mate, we need you to back up the Dario Vidošić to Everton transfer rumour in the main forum, we are seeing if we can get it in to the papers.
    19. johnnydawg68
      No worries mate, haha. It's the first thing I thought of too :) Haven't had a problem since the other day so hopefully it was just some cramping and not something sinister.
    20. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      No worries , Kid .
      Nah , done now . Just pick up from Goodison tomorra , prob , but Im kinda potless so itll be Mon for Posting , Lid ....
      Got a TOP deal on Framing too , but couldnt cause of the Posting thing ...Same with Lynne's Kids' ones ..
      Ho-Hum ..She'll FINALLY get it at least , Brother ..
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