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Nov 1, 2014 at 12:46 AM
Feb 15, 2008
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Mar 7, 1968 (Age: 46)
The Domingan Republic

Reidy's Bottle Of Grecian

The Unobstructed View, 46, from The Domingan Republic

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Nov 1, 2014 at 12:46 AM
    1. Lori
      Thank you for the welcome! :)
      1. chicoazul
        You are one one bad stalker pest on any female unfortunate to stumble on here lad.
        Nov 1, 2014 at 3:10 AM
    2. sheedys big toe
      sheedys big toe
      don't know how to pm a few on here i don't want to know my address so if you can pm me i will reply, my daughter mant's 1 for keep' s sake cheer's
    3. Groucho
      John Lewis sell Bialetti's - I'm going to buy one, aren't I?
    4. Groucho
      Did you say that different makes of espresso maker make stronger coffee than others?

      I have to say, this Ikea one is fantastic, and the coffee from it is so strong it's almost Bisto consistency.
    5. sheedys big toe
      sheedys big toe
      did you book the hostel? can always get your head down in our room. don't have to check out til 12 midday.
    6. Groucho
      The ikea one is going strong - I just picked the wrong picture.
    7. sheedys big toe
      sheedys big toe
      nord hotel, triple room £61. open 24 hours. £20 each me you and my daughter. don't get any ideas .
    8. MoutsGoat
      Oi you, I saw your tweet to poundbakery and jackomo, ****er.!
    9. Shaun4658
      Great post mate. I laughed my balls off.

      Still don't know how to rep someone though. I'm a technological moron.
    10. McBain
      Gday Mate hows things? Long time no hear.
    11. Groucho
      Carbonara is a weird one - the creamy version we have is a very much westernised version. The proper Italian one is more like an Amatriciana, a peppery dish for miners. Ours is more like, but not exactly, a white ragu.

      Our recipe was;

      1/ begin to boil pasta
      2/ fry pancetta
      3/ once crispy-ish, add double cream (not Elmlea under any circumstances) followed directly by Philadelphia
      4/ add black pepper and cook until Philly has liquidised (3 mins or so)
      5/ add Parmesan, and once mixed in drain pasta and mix sauce into pasta.

      Use the cooking time as a 'pasta timer'. Once the sauce is done, the pasta should be ready.

      And not an egg in sight.
    12. James LFC
      James LFC
      Sorry for the neg rep. Thanks for your balanced reply on the thread, I'll reply soon.

    13. McBain
      Made up for you mate! Your inbox is full, I couldn't reply!
    14. Woolly Blue
      Woolly Blue
      Eh up lad. Not sure if I p*ssed you off with the Leigh girls thing or not ( Hard to tell sometimes on t'internet ). If I did then sorry, I forgot you came from round there.
    15. little curly alan ball
      little curly alan ball
      Dude , Im going the Ground tomorrawith Bab .. Whats up with the Season Tickets ??? You heard any more ???
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    Mar 7, 1968 (Age: 46)
    The Domingan Republic
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    havin' a mid-life crisis(hope i do live to 92)

    Everton, takin' the p***


    KOPITES ......gob-sh1tes and blatherskites every last one of them!!!

    In the 80's in my realised my dreams,
    and now the thing thats nice're helping my mid-life crisis !!
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