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    1. Samps
      'Afternoon. My mate has been contracted to produce an advertising campaign for British Airways to be aired overseas. He wants to recruit an Evertonian who is going the Swansea game for filming (paid) on the Friday and Saturday. He sent me a summary, contact details and production company website, so I was just wondering whether I'd be able to post it on the Everton and Ale House forums for him? Cheers, Samps
      1. GrandOldTeam
        Hi pal. I've actually complained to BA as all our comms have been repeatedly spammed with this, in a manner I've never seen before.
        Oct 24, 2014 at 3:32 PM
    2. chicoazul
      You should mate, add it on.
    3. alan ball
      alan ball
      Did you know Mark Rowan is getting bombed out of his job at Goodison?
    4. steken1
      PM me a number to give you a call on Dan. Might be able to work together on something
    5. Eggs
      Apologies, I've just registered financial support and would've done it sooner had I been aware. Happy to support such a well run communication forum for EFC fans. If you send me a mug I'll take it out to Little Eggs in Dubai.
    6. eazygo
      Hi GOT i started a thread on Toffee TV and i dint realise i need to ask permission. Anyway ill leave it your hands. Cheers la
    7. Bilko
      Morning,cannot for the life of me remember my password,( want to be able to use my phone ).can you send it me possibly ??.
    8. Edwards1878
    9. allanefc1
      Please can you take a look at the thread I created on how to change my username? Thanks
    10. tungetango
      Just recieved my second GOT-mug , that is of course excellent,but it`s just that I only ordered one,and paid for one. I received my first weeks ago, second one came last week. Drinking coffe with both hands now,but honestly feel I should be paying for this as well. How do I go about to do that without getting a third one ? :) Or, who do I contact? Thx in advance!
    11. thebluefox
      what is going on with these mods ?
    12. Groucho
      Quite liking this "approving/disapproving post" addition.

      Bloody good idea, that.
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