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GrandOldTeam is the leading destination for fans of English Premier League Everton Football Club, and you can capitalise on the 6,000,000 to 12,000,000 page impressions that GrandOldTeam.com receives per month by becoming our sponsor.

We’re award winning, widely recognised as being the very best at what we doSky Sports cite our news and interviews, and national newspapers use our forum to represent fan opinion. By sponsoring GrandOldTeam, you’ll be sponsoring a global brand. Our visitors are drawn from over 80 countries across the globe, primary markets being the UK (75%), United States (7%), and Ireland (5%).

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GrandOldTeam is created, maintained and provided by fans, for fans. We only look to recoup overheads and small development costs, costs which maintain, improve and attract more viewers to the website. We’re not out to make money, which is what makes being our sponsor a truly exceptional advertising opportunity. Let us explain why…

Our visitors recognise that the community so well endeared wouldn’t be available without the support from the websites sponsor so your sponsorship is graciously welcome by fans. You’re viewed as a good friend of the Everton community.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us for more information.