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Thats great. I won't be at Leicester until about 1345. I will give you bell and see if you are still in / near the station and come find you. If not I will see you at the ground ! Thanks Again. Antony. 07921123011
I'm getting the train up and going to the Last Plantagenet Pub (2mins from station). I'll be there about 12:30 if that suits or can meet at the ground around 14:15. 07767 164614
Are you going to the game ? Im just outside Leicester so can meet you at the ground or before hand !
I can also help you out with one ticket if your not sorted but would have to be collected in the city center tonight
Thanks 4737carlin, really appreciate the thought. Looking for two together as I'm supposed to be taking my lad. Again, thanks so much for thinking of us.

No probs. Send me your mobile number and I'll give you a call on Saturday.
Nice one, drop me a message Friday if you’ve still got it 07729749502
I'll be at the game but I'd prefer to get rid of it before then. I've been let down before on the day.
If you’ve still got it before the weekend am more than happy to meet you Saturday and pay cash give me a shout